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Brian Ross, our President, stated in his 2013 report that “The proudest achievement of the ISBC was the development of the Rescue Scheme” For those of us who have been around the block a few times it is still something to be proud of.

I was party to the discussions with the Trustees a few years ago when the decision was taken to transfer the rescue scheme to the Charitable Trust.

In supporting the transfer, I was totally confident in the conviction of the Trustees that they would do everything to further the health and welfare of our fantastic breed.

I am to this day convinced that transferring to the Trust was in the best interest of Irish Setters a view shared by the Committee of the ISBC.

The officers and Committee of the ISBC have not been made privy to the developments which led to the parting of the ways but we are confident, whatever action the Trustees took was in their opinion in the best interests of the Breed, they can be confident that they and their volunteers enjoy the faith and support of the committee of the ISBC and we stand ready to help in anyway we can.

Our thanks go to those members of the rescue committee who have elected to stay with the trust and together, with the Trust, further the development of the rescue.

George Stevenson
Irish Setter Breeders Club

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