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ISBC 52nd Breed Championship Show 2024
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Thank you for your support. We had 146-dogs making 198-entries

Judges for this show are:-

Dogs:- Ms A M Douthwaite (Gracewood)     

Bitches:- Mrs A R Roberts (Polmennor)

(L) BIS Bott`s ShCh Bardonhill Love Of My Life (Subject to RKC confirmation) (R) RBIS Sturrock`s ShCh Forfarian Soo Lush JW
BPIS Edwards`s Coppers Get Off My Cloud By Bonhomie JW
BVIS Stockton`s ShCh Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW
(L) DCC ShCh Thendara Big Love (Subject to RKC confirmation) (R) RDCC Edwards`s ShCh Gwendariff Ucan`t MissMe Bonhomie
(L) BIS & BCC Bott`s ShCh Bardonhill Love Of My Life (R) RBIS & RBCC Sturrock`s ShCh Forfarian Soo Lush JW


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Dog Judge Ms A M Douthwaite (Gracewood)

I bought my first ‘Fearnley’ Irish Setter from Pat and Barry Rhodes in 1968. She was never shown, but was the most loyal, constant companion.  My love for our beautiful breed began then and has never wavered since. At that time my career was training and producing competition horses, so Katie had a wonderful time accompanying me to shows  and events all over the country!

After qualifying in Podiatry and moving to Essex my next Fearnley joined us in 1992.

My partner and myself were granted our ‘Gracewood’ affix in 1994, so Gracewood Irish Setters and Gracewood Golden Retrievers came to be. Since then we have been very fortunate to have had great success with both breeds. The highlights in Goldens have been the fact we have bred two Show Champions and one full Champion, and in Irish we have produced five stud book holders. More importantly though we have had such fun!!

We have been living in Shropshire with our doggy family for the past thirty years and are now retired.  How time flies!

I have been very fortunate to have judged in Sweden and Belgium, and have awarded CCs on two occasions.

It is an absolute privilege and honour to be invited to judge dogs at the I.S.B.C. Championship show in March 2024. I am very grateful to the Committee for my invitation, and am looking forward very much to my appointment.

Anne Douthwaite

Dog Critique

I would like to thank the Irish Setter Breeders Club Committee for my invitation to judge at the above show. It was a pleasure and an honour.  I was delighted with my large quality entry, and also delighted with my line up at the end of judging.

Special thanks go to my two wonderful stewards, Cheryl and Joy, who worked tirelessly keeping the ring running smoothly.

Together with my co-judge the final decisions were made for BIS, RBIS, BPIS and BVIS. RBIS between the dog CC and the Res bitch CC proved to be a headache as we both really liked both exhibits, and found it hard to make a decision, so we asked the referee to help out! On her decision RBIS was awarded to the beautiful bitch.

MPD (7)

I see there were four litter brothers in this class.  What a smashing litter it must have been, and I am sure they will all be changing places at various times in the future!

1  Bott’s Bardonhill Return To Sender.  Lovely dark coated puppy, good front assembly, straight front legs, nicely balanced.  Beautiful head and dark eye. Well boned.  He was a little hesitant on the move to start but gained confidence as he went on.

2  Tapper & Leyland’s Kedalita Steptoe And Son.  Another nice puppy enjoying his day.  Very balanced outline, correct shoulder placement and strong quarters. Lovely topline. A real character showing some Irish devilment! Moved well.

3  Sheldon’s Bardonhill That’s All Right At Delsanto

PD (8,1a)

1  Edwards’ Coppers Get Off My Cloud By Bonhomie (Imp Swe).  What a cracking puppy this is! When standing has a lovely outline, everything flowing nicely together. He has good depth through his chest, strong quarters, good limbs and strong pasterns. Presented beautifully in great condition with dark shiny coat. He has a balanced head with correct unshelled almond shaped dark eye.  Moved out well and freely.  Must surely have a great future in front of him. BPD and BPIS.

2  Gardner’s Danwish Troubadour. Another puppy I really liked. He is racy and full of quality.  He has a beautiful refined head and kind eye, low set ears, and good neck flowing nicely into correct shoulder placement.  Strong quarters, good length to leg.  Moved nicely.

3  Condron’s Covarney Mr Magoo.

JD (5)

1  Danks-Kemish & Swannell’s Alolfrana All I Ask Of Eveandabec.  A quality eye catching dog in beautiful dark coat. In super condition.  Good forechest, straight leg, good topline and tailset.  Strong bone, no coarseness. Great spring to rib and depth to chest..  Lovely head, dark eye and low set ear. Moved with drive.

2  Richardson’s Bardonhill Mcintosh Red At Montgreenan.  Lovely young dog in super dark coat.  Very balanced in outline.  Correct balanced head, dark eye, low set ear.  Strong neck, good forechest, front legs well under him. Good quarters, topline and tailset.   Strong pasterns and neat feet.  Moved very well. Lovely looking dog with no exaggerations

3  Robinson Slater & Flinders’ Kerryfair Misty Morning TAF

YD (6,1a)

1  Berry & Morris’ Copper’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (Imp Swe) JW Pleasing dog in nice chestnut coat. Plenty of substance with this exhibit.  Good over his shoulders and strong in his hindquarters.  Good second thigh and straight from hock to heel.  Moved well.

2  Bentley’s Penclippin Jubilee Flame JW.  Nice dark coated dog, good substance throughout.  Balanced head with kind eye and no sign of coarseness. Correct tailset.  Moved out well.

3  Danks-Kemish’s Flannan’s Emotion In Motion At Alolfrana (Imp Nld)

MD (3,1w/d)

1  Gardner’s Danwish Troubadour.

2  Danks-Kemish’s Flannan’s Emotion In Motion At Alolfrana (Imp Nld) Third in previous class.  Attractive dark coated dog, good length to leg, standing over the ground well. Correct head shape and dark eye.  Strong in hindquarters, moved out well.

ND (8,1a,1w/d)

1  Danks-Kemish & Swannell’s Alolfrana All I Ask Of Eveandabec.

2  Gardner’s Danwish Troubadour.

3  Tapper & Leyland’s Kedalita Steptoe And Son.

UGD (4)

1  Richardson’s Bardonhill Mcintosh Red At Montgreenan.

2  Danks-Kemish’s Flannan’s Emotion In Motion At Alolfrana (Imp Nld)

3  Davison’s Bardonhill Million Reasons.

GD (12,1a)

This was a very good class.

1  Sheldon’s Bardonhill A Million Ways To Delsanto.  I gave this dog the class because he is free from any exaggeration and is totally balanced throughout.  His head is of correct proportions and he has a lovely eye.  Neck is of moderate length. He has well angled shoulders, good depth to chest and well angled hindquarters, correct gently sloping topline and correct tail set. He moved really well with lashing tail. I am sure there is a lot more to see from this dog in the future as he matures.

2  Green’s Glencarron Show Must Go On JW This dog has a lovely outline when stacked. Quite a tall dog with good length to leg. Beautiful head with raised brows and correct shaped eye, low set ear.  He has great depth to chest, forelegs well under him and good feet.  He has correct gently sloping topline, tail coming straight off his back, correct quarters good second thigh and straight from hock to heel.  Shown in lovely rich chestnut coat.  Moved well.  A lovely dog.

3  Kolbach’s Kerryfair Zoom In On Pawsword

PGD (11)

1  Chorley-Newton & Chorley & Flinders’ Kerryfair Just Be JW.  Presented in beautiful coat and condition.  An attractive upstanding dog.  Super front assembly, lovely forechest, good spring to rib. Nice head and low set ear. He has a lovely gentle slope to his topline and correct tail set. His quarters are well angulated, has strong second thigh and is straight from hock to heel.  Moved very well with drive.

2  Macaulay’s Harreds Lachlan At Stylersetts.  A good looking quality dog shown in lovely rich chestnut coat.  Looking lovely in outline.  Nicely set on neck and deep through his chest, ribs well sprung.  Well angulated hindquarters, well set on tail.  A bit erratic on the first move round but when settled moved well with good stride.

3  Beresford’s Jetsetter Wind Of Dreams (Imp Rus).

MLD (7)

1  Gardners Quensha Walk Me Home To Danwish.  Quality upstanding dog with good length to neck flowing cleanly into correct shoulder placement. Well angulated both front and rear, ribs well sprung. Correct head and lovely eye.  Really liked him. Moved out well. 

2  Corless’ Swiftlark Spellbinder.  Tall dog on good sound limbs.  Correct shaped head, low set ear.  He has good substance all through but is not overdone in any way.   Well angulated front and hindquarters, good bend to stifle, strong pasterns.  Moved well.  Shown in lovely rich coat.

3  Dufrat’s Riverbrue Cast No Shadow On Haverley

LD (10)

1  Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Big Love.  What a beautiful upstanding dog this is. I noticed and liked him as a puppy, then he went through a bit of a ‘long’ stage, now everything fits together perfectly and he is so balanced.  He has a beautiful correct shaped head, lovely eye, raised brows and low set ears. It is lovely to see a totally correct topline, sloping gently down from his withers to his well set on tail. He has great depth through his chest, well sprung ribs and good forechest, front legs well under his body. Correct angles fore and aft and straight from hock to heel. On the move at first he was showing a bit of ‘Irish devilment’ and giving his handler a hard time, but with his handler’s patience and quiet persistence he showed how well he really can move and covered the ground well with long effortless strides.  A quality dog with no exaggeration and shown in beautiful coat and condition. I was delighted to award him his third CC.

2  Brown’s Riverbrue Soldier On.  Nice looking compact dog who was unlucky to meet 1 today. Good head, well set on neck, good topline and tailset.  Great depth through his chest and plenty of heart room.  Good forechest.  Strong quarters, strong second thigh.  Moved really well.  Shown in lovely coat and condition.

3  Davison’s Bardonhill You Don’t Fool Me

OD (6)

1  Edwards’ Sh Ch Gwendariff UCan’tMissMe Bonhomie.  A dog I have always admired from the ringside, so it was lovely to be able to go over him in the flesh!  He has a lovely outline, and has a refined quality look about him. Beautiful head and kind eye. Low set ears, good neck setting cleanly into shoulders, gently sloping topline, tail coming straight off his back.  He has great depth through his chest and good forechest.  His quarters are strong with correct angulation, hocks well let down.  Moved really well covering the ground with long strides. Shown in lovely coat and top condition.  Don’t think I have ever seen him looking so good! I had no hesitation in awarding him RCC.

2  Crocker & Lewis’ Sh Ch Riverbrue Morning Glory.  This dog is presented as always to perfection and in beautiful condition.  He has a lovely masculine head with no coarseness, lovely dark eye and low set ear.  He has a strong neck flowing into clean shoulders and is well angled both front and rear.  He has great depth all through and moved out really well showing a happy disposition.

3  Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Sh Ch Quensha Take A Bow.

VD (3)

1  Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW.  This dog seems to get better and better as time goes by! He is really lovely to go over, trying to steal the odd kiss when he can.  He is full of quality and has a beautiful head of correct proportions with a soft kind eye.  He has low set ears, gentle arch to his neck set cleanly into well laid back shoulders. He has great depth and good spring to rib, good forechest. He has good length to leg, front legs well under.  He has correct angulation both fore and aft, strong hindquarters, hocks well let down and strong pasterns. He moved out well keeping his topline.  Shown in lovely coat and condition. BVD BVIS

2  Murchison’s Pawsword Paperback Writer for Corphin VW.  A good looking dog, well balanced, nice head with low set ear.  Strong neck flowing into good shoulder placement. Good depth all through. Strong hindquarters, good width to second thigh, good bend to stifle.  In good coat.  Moved out well.

3  Hoskins’ Sandstream Just A Breeze With Ralphski

Sp Vintage V


Sp Beg.D

6 (1a)

1  Bentley’s Penclippin Jubilee Flame JW

2  Henderson & Szwajkowski’s Redclyst Pasha. Well presented dog in lovely dark chestnut coat. Pleasing head, good neck and forechest.  Well laid shoulders and strong topline, tail well set on. Hindquarters well angled.  Moved well.  A very attractive dog.

3  Spencers Sheldonite More Romance.

Anne Douthwaite

Bitch Judge Ms A R Roberts (Polmennor)

My first encounter with Irish Setters was as a teenager when my parents bought a puppy locally. She was typically affectionate and full of life and got us all hooked. Next came Smallcroft Gretel, with her I got the dog showing bug and ‘Katy’ had a lovely show career winning a CC. In 1994 Lynwood Castaspell Over Polmennor became the first Irish registered in my name. An absolute show girl who never let me down. Late to mature, I was thrilled with her eventually winning two RCCs. A daughter from her second litter, Polmennor Village Gossip ShCM also won a RCC. Next in line was Polmennor For Pleasure and her half sister Lynwood Theme Song For Polmennor joined us at 15 months old. I adored her and she followed me everywhere, she was just the type of Irish Setter I love, beautifully balanced, so feminine and pretty. Next came Polmennor Willow Pattern and Polmennor For Fun.

This brings me up to present time, my third Lynwood, Lynwood Full Of Grace At Polmennor joined me in 2012, Lola was out of a favourite of mine Sh Ch Lynwood Follow Your Dreams JW. Her daughter Polmennor Spinning Moons did well as a puppy. In 2014 I imported from Hungary. ‘Our Rez’ Sangarah Shared Romance with Polmennor (Imp Hun) VW came to live with my friend Tallulah. Owned in partnership we have had some fun with him gaining his stud book number and veteran warrant. Early 2018 I was smitten by some photos of a bitch puppy that was available from Irina Isaenko, Jetsetter Kennel. We always hope to find something special and I struck gold. Chrissy (Sh Ch Jetsetter Cristalle To Polmennor (Imp Rus) JW) came to live here in the UK in April 2018. Her show career took off in June ’18 and by early September ‘18 she had achieved her JW. She won nearly all of her junior and yearling classes achieving a CC at 20 months old and another on her second birthday. With a break during the COVID pandemic she returned to the ring in August 2021 and before the end of that month had won her third CC and became my first Show Champion. Later that same year she produced me just one bitch puppy, my pretty special Polmennor Castaspell JW. Crufts 2023 was probably my proudest moment standing up in the Open Bitch class with my Show Champion by my side.

I started judging in 1997. The following years took me all over the country judging open shows. I have attended a number of talks, seminars and breed development programmes over the years and a day in the field watching Setters and pointers working at Sandringham at an open stake. I judged the ISBC open show in 2008 with  100 entries and in 2009 I judged a lovely entry of nearly 100 in Sweden and most of my winners there are in Chrissy’s pedigree. Since awarding CCs I have judged at a gundog group show giving CCs to dogs in 2016 and a breed club show in 2021 giving CCs to bitches. I feel honoured to be invited and am delighted to again have the chance to assess bitches at the Irish Setter Breeders Club championship show.

Angela Roberts

Bitch Critique

I felt honoured to be invited to judge at this show and thank the committee for the friendly welcome, hospitality and lovely engraved glass keepsake. Also thank you to Cheryl and Joy who stewarded for me, kept the ring going smoothly and tried to keep me on track. It was an excellent quality entry.  I mainly look for overall balance and really like a bitch to be pretty and feminine. I was pleased with my class winners who I felt were of good breed type and displaying the lovely happy nature that makes them what we all love about the breed.  There were a couple of suspect mouths although they were level and not undershot. Feet need watching. A hard floor shows them up and there were only a few with small well arched toes, most were acceptable, but some were long and flat and in those cases the nails being kept very short would improve the look. Something which was prevalent and ugly years ago was throatiness, it was lovely to notice this entry was totally free from that fault. Muscular condition was good considering the terribly wet winter we have had, this year has tested us to the limits and these are definitely not the breed to have if you are a fine weather person. Considering it was inside movement was on the whole very good. All without exception were presented well groomed and clean. The younger age classes had some promising exhibits which bodes well for the future. The post graduate and limit classes in particular were difficult to judge as they were full of quality.

For the joint awards my co judge and I agreed the bitch should be BIS. We had admiration for both exhibits when deciding for RBIS so we decided to let the referee decide, she gave the award to the bitch. We agreed BPIS went to the more mature, dark coated dog and BVIS to the top quality veteran dog, still in his prime, a dog who can still compete at the top and is so very handsome, appealing and kissable!

MPB (7)

A lovely start to have a class of quality, confident, well behaved minor puppies.

1 & BPB Mugford’s Kedalita Abfab For Lynwood.

Feminine in head with lovely low earset and dark well shaped eyes. Arched neck flowing into well laid back shoulders and on to a correct topline and tailset. Angulations already balanced, showing good width to the thighs. Has just the right amount of body, ribs carried well back and good length in the loin. She has good depth to her chest and moved really soundly for 8 months with an ever wagging tail.

2 Bott’s Bardonhill Marie’s The Name.

What a poppet. She pushed the winner hard. Her head was so pretty with dark eyes of gorgeous shape, neck has a slight arch and fits seamlessly into lovely shoulders which continues into a correct topline and tailset. Already racy, balanced angulations and good definition at the hocks. Lovely feet. I felt the winner had just a tiny bit more depth in brisket. Moved accurately and soundly for a 6 months old puppy with a correctly carried tail. Dark coat of lovely texture.

3 Gisby’s Marlland Lily On The Valley By Sutersett (Imp Nld)

PB (9, 1a) Another class of lovely puppies.

1 Mugford’s Kedalita Abfab For Lynwood. Repeat

2 Rutherford’s Clonageera Take a Chance.

12 months on the day. A much more mature puppy, quite a profuse coat coming already but paler in colour. Substantial in build but everything proportionate. Her head is a bit stronger than my personal preference but it’s long and lean, balanced and has good stop showing raised brows and low set ears. Strong bone and good feet, very deep through the chest and loin, her topline is just very slightly sloping onto lovely tailset. Unexaggerated bend of stifle but I feel when she drops slightly more into her hindquarters it will improve her outline. She moved really well with lots of scope and correctly carried tail.

3 Gardner’s Danwish Soprana.

JB (7)

1 Williamson’s Caskeys United With Bluesprings.

The more I looked the more I liked. She’s not particularly eye catching and was not always stacked to advantage, however on examination she ticks all the boxes. Dark coat with enough feathering. She’s a lovely size and racy. Her head is very well balanced, especially in profile and feminine with soft expression. Stands with her front legs well under her body showing lovely forechest and good depth with tight elbows. Good feet and bone and well angulated hindquarters with lovely definition at the hocks. Moved steadily and accurately.

2 Mitchell’s Kerryfair Misty Love.

Finer and smaller but so feminine and pretty. Dark eyes giving a very soft expression. She is raw and has lots of maturing to do but is racy and elegant. Lengthy neck with arch and joined seamlessly into her shoulders, moderately angulated but balanced and has tightly fitting elbows to her deep chest. Small neat feet She was another steady and accurate mover.

3 Chorley-Newton, Chorley & Flinders’ Kerryfair Misty Rose

YB (5)

1 Hall’s RIiverbrue Ophelia Love Glennara JW.

I have admired this bitch since I saw her as a minor puppy. Stunning in outline, racy and elegant but with the required substance, gorgeous in head, pretty with soft expression and low set ears. Lovely topline and tailset and finished off with a gleaming coat of beautiful colour which extends down into the ample feathering. On the move she doesn’t reach as much as I would like in profile. I had hoped when a different handler took over she might have let her move more forward but unfortunately it did the opposite and in the challenge she was like a wound up spring and went to pieces. I had kept her in in the challenge hoping she might have settled as a contender for top honours.

2 Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Joker And The Queen.

Another with a lovely outline, beautifully angulated forehand and hindquarters with well sprung ribs carried well back and correct length of well muscled loin making a perfectly balanced picture. Plenty of body and maturity for her age. Her head is feminine but plainer than first at the moment. Lovely bone with straight front. I hope she gains confidence as she ruins her outline on the move by sometimes carrying her tail too low but her footfalls are correct and she is sound and has reach and drive.

3 Humphreys’ Riverbrue Ophelia Your Bongos At Henaleas

MB (6)

1 Williamson’s Caskeys United With Bluesprings. Repeat

2 Gardner’s Danwish Soprana.

A more typy youngster than 1st. Head really pretty and feminine, well balanced with nicely folded low set ears. Deep in the chest and lovely shapely hindquarters showing strength. Small neat feet on straight forelimbs. Topline good but drops off just very slightly over the croup.  Movement was tidy and sound.

3 Gisby’s Marlland Lily On The Valley By Sutersett (Imp Nld)

NB (11)

1 Mugford’s Kedalita Abfab For Lynwood. Repeat

2 Williamson’s Caskeys United With Bluesprings. Repeat

3 Rutherford’s Clonageera Take a Chance.

UGB (4)

1 Rutherford’s Clonageera Take a Chance. Repeat

2 Hillocks’ Jonola Bellini

So reminiscent of other bitches from this kennel in the past. Her head is her fortune. Quizzical expression from her dark well shaped eyes and a head with plenty of work in it and has a lovely finish to her muzzle.   Very racy and elegant and stands over a lot of ground. She has balanced angulations, nothing overdone and has a straight front and lovely feet. Reachy neck, good topline and tailset. Body has a lovely underline as she’s deep in brisket and loin, short from hock to heel. Not in the best of coat but had nothing to hide. Moved with a nice tail action holding her topline.

3 Gisby’s Marlland Lily On The Valley By Sutersett (Imp Nld)

GB (7,1a)

1 Clarke’s Covarney Dream Time From Bronrianns JW.

A more substantial bitch than my other winners. She shows at most of the local shows to me and that can make you as a judge more critical I think so she had to pull out all the stops to win here. Stronger in head than my preference but is balanced in profile with enough length in foreface, has dark eyes under lovely raised brows. Her nose lacked pigmentation, it’s definitely time for some sunshine after a terribly wet winter. She’s well made all through with balanced angulations.  Long neck but it’s all in proportion with the rest of her body. Excellent in forechest and upper arm, straight front, mature in body showing depth all through and ribs well sprung and carried well back. Beautiful finish to croup into tailset and strength to hindquarters with well defined hocks. I would have liked better feet and although her movement was ground covering and displaying a nice outline in profile, coming and going was a little untidy. She was well presented and handled and in lovely coat.

2 Peters’ Corranroo Viennese Waltz To Shirlilah.

A shorter coupled and finer bitch, has a very sweet look. Younger and less mature which is not to her detriment and I think she will mature on well. A fine pretty head with good stop, eyes which are a warm brown but still giving a soft expression. Long low set ears which were neatly folded, would have liked a little bit more finish to muzzle but it’s not snipy and I much prefer a bit less to a bit more. Balanced angulations with nice width to her thighs, good through neck and topline but slightly drops off over the croup. Has the best of feet and straight front. coat was in nice shiny condition and she was sound and happy on the move.

3 Vallance’s Glencarron Second Edition To Corcencone.

PGB (15 2a)

This class is what makes judging a headache and a pleasure. I struggled to make a shortlist of 7, some lovely bitches didn’t even make that cut. My 5 placings are all bitches I’ve admired and on another day could easily have won. They were differing in size but still matching the breed standard.

1 Hall’s Harreds Lillie

This bitch is top quality. Loved her for her ideal size and overall feminine look but she has enough substance. Pretty head, strong in neck which has a slight arch, shoulders lay back and blend into her topline without any break and continues slightly sloping over the croup into a well set on tail. Prominent forechest and she is perfect width and depth between the front legs, front is straight with lovely feet, upper arm extends well back to tight elbows, good width to the thighs. Her coat is dark with slight  movement. She moves with reach and drive, her head extended forward like she is going places. No flashiness, just a sound beautiful bitch.  She was in contention for the RCC.

2 Hall’s Glennara Cherry Cola JW

Slightly bigger and has an overall racy appearance. Her head has a well defined stop but is very balanced with plenty of work. This exhibitor always has bitches with very pretty heads. Nice arch to her neck and another with the gentle sloping topline and correct tailset. Her body is shapely with ribs deep and carried well back and a length of loin that gives her a little bit of length which contributes to her raciness. Well defined hocks and lovely width to thighs and across the hips. Her coat is rich mahogany, gleaming with condition and with plenty of feathering of the same colour. She moved well. I just preferred the overall outline of first but it was splitting hairs.

3 Condron’s Bluebyeyou Baby Love By Covarney.

MLB (3, 1a) Two quite different types but both matching the breed standard. I liked them both for their qualities but preferred the raciness of first.

1 Rainha Della Magna Sila

Not a big one and she is very elegant and feminine. Pretty refined head with lots of work and correct eye shape with dark eyes gives beautiful expression. Very low set long ears. Enough angulation fore and aft and depth of chest. Topline good and perfect over the croup and tailset. Lashes her correctly carried tail on the move. Her shapely highquarters are wide across the hips and she uses them well to drive around the ring. She’s an eyecatching package. She was also VHC in the good quality limit class, she looked immature compared to others in that class and lack of coat on the day prevented her from being more highly placed.

2 Corless’ Swiftlark Illustrious JW

This bitch is of moderate size but substantial and is very well made. Her head is a little too strong for my personal preference and could do with being longer and leaner but she has good stop and brows with dark eyes. The rest of her is a quality bitch. Very well put together with everything flowing. Her neck is strong and of a nice length, topline to tailset correct, excellent in forechest and upper arm, strong bone and deep chest showing a well defined ribcage which carries back to correct loin and strong hindquarters. In lovely coat and condition and moved soundly.

LB (12)

1 CC & BIS Bott’s Bardonhill Love Of My Life

I loved this bitch when I saw her at her first championship show. Not one I’ve seen often since but whenever I did, I liked what I saw. I was so pleased to have the chance to judge her here. On the day she stood out, not because she is flashy but because she instantly catches the eye for being correctly made. A picture of maturity, in her prime, balanced and with no exaggerations. Dark coat in beautiful condition and enough feathering which has a little bit of movement. Her head is classic, feminine with beautiful expression from dark correctly shaped eyes under raised brows and plenty of work, good length of foreface and finish to muzzle. The shape of her head in profile is perfect and shows her low set ears and pronounced occiput. Her neck is strong and of moderate length showing arch and flows cleanly over her well laid back shoulders into a perfect topline with excellent tailset. Her forechest is prominent and upper arm carried well enough back for her fore legs to stand right under her and her elbows tight to her deep chest. Shapely rib cage with her ribs carried well back, strong loin of moderate length with very slight arch. Good bone and feet. Her stifles have enough angulation and thighs are wide and well muscled. I smiled when she moved as so many fall apart on the move even when they appear well made, not her, she had the soundest movement of the entry. Hocks upright and showing a clean pair of heels going away, straight and true coming towards me. Correct footfalls, holding her topline in profile, correctly carried tail gently wagging and attentive to her owner. I was delighted to award her the CC, her third which makes her a very well deserved Show Champion. Congratulations.

2 Humphreys’ Riverbrue Flashbax At Henaleas

Another I have judged before and given a first to as a yearling. I still have much admiration for her. Her head has fined down and she is prettier than the last time I judged her. Striking in outline and flowing from her reachy neck through well laid back shoulders into a lovely topline and tailset. Strong in hindquarters and short hock to heel. Excels in forechest and front angulation. Strong bone throughout and well sprung ribs, her whole body mature and well muscled. In beautiful coat and shown and presented to perfection. She moved well with generous ground cover in profile although she would certainly benefit from a large outdoor ring. I just preferred the outline from head to the end of her tail of 1st on the move. Seriously considered her for the RCC.

3 Heather’s Sixoaks Leading Lady

OB (2) Another class where there were only two of very differing types.

1 RCC Sturrock’s Sh Ch Forfarian Soo Lush JW

I have judged this bitch before and thought highly of her. My opinion hasn’t changed. She now carries a well deserved Sh Ch title. Out of a smaller mould. She is so refined. Her head is devine, is so neat and pretty with a melting expression. Neck of lovely length and so clean through the throat. Straightest of fronts and beautiful feet. She stands well up on her toes contributing to her lovely topline which is textbook slightly sloping. She has enough depth, is lovely in ribs and loin and carrying just the right amount of weight and is well muscled throughout without any lumps or bumps. Perfect over the croup and tailset, her hindquarters are shapely and angulations perfection. Her body shape is there for all to see as like before she wasn’t carrying a lot of coat. On the move she covers the ground with reach and drive holding her topline and is light on her feet. Shown to perfection and is another who is very attentive to her handler. I was delighted to award her the RCC this time.

2 Edwards’ Gwendariff It’s Numero Uno At Bonhomie

This bitch is at the other end of the scale for stature. Substantially made she has a balanced head and is also pretty and feminine. Arched reachy neck, she is very deep in the chest and carries a lot of coat but has enough length of leg to make it all look proportionate. Mature in body, the ribs are long and deep and carried well back with a moderate length to the loin which gives her the elegant look. Very well presented and shown. She is long hip to hock and short hock to heel, the stifles are well bent and wide well muscled thighs which gives powerful ground covering movement, keeping her topline and all finished off with a lashing tail.

VB (3)

1 Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW Sh CM

Nearly 10 years old and has retained a beautiful colour and quality to her coat with plenty of feathering. Racy and elegant with her having some length in loin, she’s not a small one but her conformation is good throughout. Reachy neck, balanced angulations showing the best lay back of shoulders and upper arm angulation and fabulous sweep of stifle from hip to hock and short from hock to heel. Still has a lovely topline and tailset. She’s sound enough on the move and puts in lots of effort with a look at me air about her. I feel though that she channels her energy into looking fancy and not moving forward. In a fairer world and one without COVID she really should have gained her title. Prettier in head than the vintage winner however when it came to the challenge between the two for best veteran bitch I felt the vintage winner was putting in more effort and displaying better ground covering movement.

2 White’s Swiftlark First Desire At Paduan

9 years old and of a completely different build to 1st being shorter and more compact. Head a little short in foreface but has good depth to muzzle and dark eyes with kind expression and low set ears. A little upright in shoulders but ample forechest and  length of upper arm which are carried well back and tight against her very deep chest. Good bone and substance and a mature body retaining a decent topline. Drops off slightly over the croup which affects the tailset. Strong in hindquarters and moved steadily.

3 Jones’ Alolfrana In A Hot Storm Over Wenflaen

Spec Vintage VB (2)

What a special class to judge and I was delighted to have the two entries present. They were both a credit to their owners.

1 & BVB Bott’s Sh Ch Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure. 11 and a half years old. What a beauty she is. Beautiful greying face with plenty of work. Neck is strong and muscular of moderate length flowing well into shoulders and still maintaining a perfect topline with excellent tailset. Good bone and in fabulous coat. A mature body which could have a little more forechest and subsequently more upper arm angulation. Her back end was perfect, good width to her thighs, good definition and strength to her hocks. Her movement was so sound and ground covering and she pulled out all of the stops with everything that was asked of her even with a change of handler in the challenge.  I was told after the judging that she had been desperate to come out to a show. Obviously a keen showgirl who definitely helped to make it a memorable day for her owners.

2 Richardson’s Montgreenan Charley’s Angel

Also 11 and a half years and a very special ‘young’ lady to her owners. Quite considerably bigger in stature than 1st, gorgeous greying face. Still a muscular arched neck, good front angulations , depth to chest and fit muscled body. She hadn’t retained her topline as well as first but her straight, very dark coat was gleaming with condition and plenty of dark feathering. She slipped her lead as her owner was stacking her and she was off. Had done it enough times in the past to remember how to do it all on her own. She was excited and enjoying herself much too much to be settled on the move. What a character, she thoroughly enjoyed her time in the ring.

Spec Beg B (4, 1a)

1 Corless’ Swiftlark Illustrious JW Repeat

2 Bentley’s Penclippin Celtic Asthore JW

Res in the very nice Yearling class. Pleasant well balanced head with a good finish to muzzle. Nice reach of neck flows well into good shoulders. Standing a bit level in topline however she has enough forechest, bone and substance and has moderate angulations, elbows carried well back and has a really good depth of chest with a nice underline and was in dark shiny coat condition with ample feathering. Moved soundly.

3 Purves’ Grousehill Penny Lane

Judge Angela Roberts

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