Irish Setter Breeders Club

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Q. How long does an Irish Setter live?

A. A healthy Irish Setter can live as long as 15 years but most owners consider they have an old dog at 13.

Q. Is it good for a Bitch to have one litter before they are spayed?

A. This is Old fashioned thinking directed people to breed from their dogs early, making a choice to breed from your Dog or Bitch is a serious step and you should research all of the possibilities first. As Irish Setters are a slow maturing breed it is thought that waiting until the bitch has had at least one season before spaying is a good idea.Castration of Dogs should wait until the dog is at least 18 months old.

Q. Will neutering affect my dog’s coat?

A. Yes it will, a neutered Irish Setter’s coat will become fluffy and lack oil. You have to work hard at conditioning and grooming to bring a good shine back to the hair.

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