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Kate O`Callaghan Memorial Show - 1st April 2023
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The Judge for this show is:-

Dogs & Bitches :- Mr P Humphreys (Henaleas)


Best In Show Sh Ch Lynwood Abracadabra JW Owned by Jane & Roger Mugford Judge: Paul Humphreys (Henaleas)
Best In Show Sh Ch Lynwood Abracadabra JW Owned by Jane & Roger Mugford Res Best In Show Riverbrue Snoozeulose (Blake Crocker & Ashleigh Frost) Judge: Paul Humphreys (Henaleas)
Best Puppy In Show Riverbrue Ophelia Winky (Blake Crocker & Claire Lewis) Judge: Paul Humphreys (Henaleas)
Best Veteran In Show Gwendariff Lily The Pink (Lisa Bougen) Judge: Paul Humphreys (Henaleas)
Best Dog Riverbrue Soldier On (Debbie Brown)
Best Dog Riverbrue Soldier On (Debbie Brown) (R) Bluesprings Now I’m Here at Forestfire (Linda Richardson) (L)
Best Brace Monica Heather
Catalogue And Marked Up Results
Judges Critique

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge their Breed Club Open Show, named after the well-loved Kate O’Callaghan and for the hospitality shown to me. It was such a privilege to be able to judge our beautiful setters. Also, to my efficient stewards, Wendy and Eva, thank you for keeping me in check. I would like to thank the exhibitors for entering their dogs and giving me such a quality entry.

Minor Puppy Dog. (1/0 abs) 1. Shepherd’s Casachared Connors Delaney.  Shows promise and only just 6 months old. Oval skull, dark eye, raised brow forming stop with sweet expression, good length to neck straight front, well sprung rib. He moved out true keeping a great top line and wagging his tail.

Minor Puppy Bitch. (0/0 abs)

Puppy Dog. (5/1 abs) Nice class with all 3 carrying good coat and condition. 1. Crocker & Lewis’ Riverbrue Ophelia Winky. Super outline standing. Head with equal parallels, muzzle moderately deep, wide nostrils. Strong arched neck leading to well laid-back shoulders. Deep chest with full spring of rib. Straight front, well off for bone, sloping top line to well on set tail. Good width of thigh and short hocks. Moved out well with handler. Happy to award him Best Puppy dog and later Best Puppy in Show. 2. Levene & Lewis Quensha Remember The Name. Another nice puppy. Good brow forming stop. Low set ears, laid back neat. Straight front, well angulated front and rear. Exquisite feet with well arched toes. Moved out strong and true. 3 Berry & Morris’ Copper’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (Imp Swe) Naf

Puppy Bitch. (5/0 abs) 1. Hall’s Riverbrue Ophelia Love Glennara. BPB. Such a pretty puppy with kind, gentle expression, raised brow, dark eye, oval skull and low set on ears. Correct neck set cleanly into shoulder, good in upper arm. Deep chested with full spring of rib. She has a rich chestnut coat in fine condition. I liked her width of quarters, croup and turn of stifle. Moved well coming and going. 2. Nevitt’s Joaodaws Stargazer. Smaller in statue to one and giving a lot away in maturity, but similar remarks apply. Well-shaped skull, a sweet expression with raised brow, clean neck into shoulders, well sprung rib. Happy little mover, lashing her tail. Shows great promise. 3. Bentley’s Penclippin Celtic Asthore.

Junior Dog. (5/1) 1. Chorley-Newton, Chorley & Flinders Kerryfair Just Be. I’m sure 1st and 2nd in this class will change places many times as they progress. Well shaped skull, dark eye with a glint of mischief, well set on ears. Moderately long, slightly arched neck, leading cleanly into shoulders. Sound in front, desired gently sloping topline, strong quarters and thigh, short hocks and neat feet. Moved out well with drive. 2.Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Big Love. Presented in excellent coat and condition, he stood over more ground 1. Well-muscled with strong bone. Dark eyes, raised brow, arched muscular neck, straight front spungs ribs with plenty heart room. He has good angulation front and rear. Neat feet. Moved out well but preferred the drive from 1 today. 3. Kolbach’s Kerryfair Zoom In On Pawsword.

Junior Bitch. (8/1) 1. Mugford’s, Lynwood Rather Scrumptious JW. Very feminine pretty bitch. Head long and lean, dark eye, pronounced stop, flews not pendulous. Good back skull and arch to neck, clean over the shoulder into sloping top line. Straight front and good in upper arm, muscular loin, nice width of thigh, croup and bend of stifle. She was in great coat and condition. Moved out with drive with handler. 2. Hillocks Jonola Bellini. Again, another feminine bitch. Slightly smaller in stature than 1. Liked her head planes and pretty eyes. Arched neck fitting cleanly into shoulder, sloping top line, wide quarters, good bend of stifle and short hocks. Moved well. 3. Hopewell’s, Krasny Angel Rose.

Special Yearling Dog. (1/0abs) 1. Withheld

Special Yearling Bitch. (3/0abs) 1. Hall’s Harreds Lillie. Judged this exquisite little bitch before when she was a puppy. Loved her then and still do. Pretty head with the most appealing expression and eyes. Muscular neck, Straight front, Deep chest with correct spring of rib. Well laid-back shoulders. Strong rear quarters. Neatest feet with arched toes. Rich coat colour. Moved out with drive holding her topline and going well. 2. Mugford’s Lynwood Rather Scrumptious JW. 3. Cooper’s Redclyst Sail Severn Seas To Hugared.

Novice Dog. (2/0 abs) 1.  Berry & Morris Copper’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (Imp Swe) Naf. This boy is still a puppy and was 3rd in his puppy class. Just needs to grow into his body a bit as understandability still at the legs and wings stage. Strong bone and standing over plenty of ground. Handsome boy. Straight front. Well-muscled 1st and 2nd thigh. Correct tail set. Moved out steadily for owner. 2. Rorke’s Zakhan’s Diamond Jack This boy has a well feathered dark coat. Correct shaped dark eye, raised brow and low set ears. Good angles and short hocks. Moved okay.

Novice Bitch. (8/3) 1. Hall’s, Riverbrue Ophelia Love Glennara. 2. Hillocks Jonola Bellini. 3. Hopewell’s Krasny Angel Rose.

Undergraduate Dog. (2) 1. Corless’ Swiftlark Invincible JW. Standing over plenty of ground with rich dark coat. Dark eye and raised brow forming stop. Clean neck into shoulders, deep chest and straight front. Correct tail set wagging exuberantly whilst moving, which was nice to see. 2. Miller’s Shudorared Amor Dillon. This boy was shown in good coat with ample straight feathering. Sloping topline, moved out okay.

Undergraduate Bitch. (4) 1. Heron-O’Brien’s Bluesprings Christina At Caskeys. Surprised to see this one in this class still – Lovely racy, athletic looking bitch. Prettiest head and expression with correct eye shape and dark in colour. Super front assembly. Deep chested, strong quarters, good width of thigh, short hocks. Moved out well with drive. 2. Peters Corranroo Hot Sensation. Another pretty bitch, very happy within herself. Correct oval skull, dark eye and nose. Correct length of neck sitting well into shoulder, Super deep chested, Good angles fore and aft and standing on very neat feet. Well conditioned coat. Moved out with drive. 3. Pike’s Glenlaine Pink Diamond.

Graduate Dog. (6/2abs) 1. Dufrat’s,Riverbrue Cast No Shadow On Haverley This young boy has started to develop on well, growing into his frame a bit more. Handsome head with low set ears. Good through neck into well set shoulders, gently sloping top line, good finish to croup. Strong bone and rear angulation, neatest feet and short hocks. Moved with drive. 2. Corless’ Swiftlark Spellbinder. Super dark coat. Dark eye, raised brow forming stop. Straight front, Angulation good front and rear. Short hocks and neat feet. Moved well. 3. Berry, Morris & Fitzmaurice Brinara Country Boy.

Graduate Bitch. (5/2abs) Heather’s Sixoaks My Fair Lady JW. Lovely feminine bitch with the sweetest expression. Oval skull with low well-set ears, dark, expressive eyes. Clean neck into shoulders. Rich textured coat, dark in colour. Straight front, deep chested. Strong width of thigh, bend of stifle, short hocks and neat tight feet. Needs to move out a bit more to show her obvious style. 2. Evans Twoacres Double Bubble. Lovely dark coated bitch. Pretty, sweet expression. Well-shaped head with kind, dark eye. Nicely made and well bodied up Moved out well. 3. Fox and Flinders, Kerryfair Heart To Heart.

Post Graduate Dog. (7/1 abs) 1. Richardson’s Bluesprings Now I’m Here At Forestfire. Handsome young man with lots to admire. Well-shaped head with parallel lines, dark shining eyes and well-set ears and wide nostrils. Muscular arched neck into well laid back shoulders. Lovely bone, well angulated upper arm leading to straight front and neat feet. Deep chested. A gently sloping topline and good bend of stifle. Moved out well using his tail. Happy to award him Reserve Best Dog. 2. Gisby’s, Suteresett Rum Tum Tugger. This lad makes a neat and racy outline. Oval skull, kind eyes of good colour, low set ears, moderately deep muzzle. Correct slightly arched neck, leading to well laid-back shoulders. Straight front, well sprung rib cage, a sloping topline to correct tail set and croup. Neat feet. Moved out well in high spirits, using his well set tail. 3. Beresford’s, Jetsetter Wind Of Dreams (Imp Rus).

Post Graduate Bitch. (7/1 abs) Very nice class 1. Douthwaite & Wharfe’s Quensha Beautiful Stranger Of Gracewood. I have judged this bitch before and she has developed on well and gained more confidence, allowing her to relax. Very pretty bitch with calm, sweet expression she has parallel lines to skull, Dark eye and wide nostrils. Arched neck, a straight front and good spring of rib. Good width of thigh, well bend stifle, short hocks, with neat feet and arched toes. Moved out well. 2. Box’s, Fernstart Hearts Delight JW. Again, have judged before and placed the other way around with 1. Sure, it will happen lots throughout their promising careers. Another pretty femine girl, not as rangy as 1. She has very a pleasing expression, a lovely dark well conditioned coat, arched neck set well into shoulders, a straight front and pronounced sternum, forequarters well angulated sloping back. Strong in topline, which she held well as she moved out. 3.Watt’s Shenangin Half A Sixpence.

Limit Dog. (6/0 abs) Strong class 1. Brown’s Riverbrue Soldier On. Have always admired this boy from the ringside.  Handsome head with such a soft and endearing expression. Well-shaped dark eye and raised brow. Parallel lines to head. Moderately deep muzzle. Dark nose with wide nostrils. Very nice through neck into well laid shoulder. Good spring of rib. Gently sloping topline leading to correct tail set. Strong well angulated rear end. Free flowing movement from short strong hocks. Happy to award him Best Dog. 2. Crocker & Lewis, Riverbrue Wonderwall At Hernwood. Brother to 1. Excellently presented in rich, dark gleaming coat. Stands over more ground than his bro. Handsome head, dark  nose with wide nostrils. Good back skull. Elegant and clean through neck to shoulder and correct front angulation. Straight front. Plenty of width at thigh. Moved out with drive. 3.Murchison’s, Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin.

Limit Bitch. (8/2 abs) Lovely class of ladies. 1. Crocker & Frost’s Riverbrue Snoozeulose (AI). What a beauty, such a happy bitch and showing great maturity for her young years. Presented in first class condition and coat. She has such a pretty face with a mischievous expression. Oval skull, dark well shaped kind eyes and twitching brow and parallel lines to head with low well-set on ears. Muscular, arched neck leading down to well laid-back shoulders. Straight front, elbow well tucked. Deep chested with well sprung rib. Muscular well arched loin. Wide, powerful hind quarters. Well bent stifle, short hocks and neat feet. Moved with drive. And head held high. Happy to award her Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show. 2. Sturrock’s Forfarian Soo Lush JW. Another very beautiful bitch with much of the same attributes to 1. Racy outline and shown in top condition and tone. Pretty head with kind, wistful expression. Oval skull, dark well shaped eyes. Moderately deep muzzle. Deep chest, tight at elbow, full spring of rib. Well bent stifle. Moved out with ease and drive with handler. 3. Edwards Gwendariff Its Numero Uno At Bonhomie.

Open Dog. (2/1 abs) 1. Macdonald’s Redclyst Maximus. On his own in the class. Rich, dark coat. True shape oval skull, moderately deep muzzle. Dark nose with wide nostril. Straight front with good bone throughout, sloping topline and well-muscled first and second thigh, well bent stifle, short hocks and neat tight feet. Moved okay.

Open Bitch. (2/1 abs) 1. Mugford’s Sh Ch Lynwood Abracadabra JW. This bitch was also on her own but could hold her own in any company. She has such an eye catching outline, quite beautiful. She owns a pretty head and expression, oval skull with low set laid back ears, well shaped appealing eyes, raised brow forming stop. Long and lean with parallel lines to head. Good back skull, clean in neck and shoulder, a straight front, well boned, tight at elbow and standing on neatly manicured feet. Muscular arched loin, wide and powerful rear quarters. Sweeping stifle and short hocks. Coat in superb condition. Moved out with grace and flow. Very happy to award her Best Bitch and later Best in Show.

Veteran Dog. (4/2 abs) 1. Corless Swiftlark First Knight. Happy 8 year old, strong well-muscled dog. In dark rich coat. Little strong in brow for me but kind, well shaped eyes, dark nose with wide nostrils. Muscular neck, straight front, strong rib and well boned. Good sloping topline with correct tail set, which was held well on the move, striding out with drive and giving his best. 2.Murchinson’s Pawsword Paperback Writer For Corphin. Handsome boy, gentle, kind expression and well-shaped dark eyes, raised brow forming stop. Good return of upper arm, a straight front and good width of thigh, well-muscled up.  Just preferred movement of 1 today, but close decision.

Veteran Bitch. (5/2 abs)1. Bougen’s, Gwendariff Lily The Pink. Just moved into veteran. Seemed to give her all to her adoring owner. Lovely feminine bitch with such a kindly expression. Oval skull true parallel lines in head with low set ears. Well-muscled arched neck leading to well laid back shoulder, sloping topline. Good angulation front and rear with neat feet. Moved out well with handler. Happy to award her Best Veteran. 2. Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW ShCM. This 9 year bitch has a racy, elegant outline and presents quite the picture stood. Prettiest, appealing face with correct eye shape and colour, raised brow forming good stop. Good angles front and rear. Good width to her quarters. Such neatly manicured feet. Turned out in wonderful coat and condition. 3. Blackshaw’s, Lanstara Spring Star JW.

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch. (2/0 abs) 1. Corless Swiftlark Illustrious JW, B. Nice compact bitch. Dark eye with raised brow forming stop. Straight front with good bone, Liked her width across quarters and well-muscled 2nd thigh. Correct tail set. Moved out okay. 2. Maple’s Pollnac New Miracle, B. Bitch with a glistening top coat. Sweet expression with correct shaped head, Dark eye and nose. Low set ears. Front and rear angulation okay, she is only young and rear quarters still need to drop a little. Moved out well with handler.

Brace Dog or Bitch. (1/0 abs)1. Heather’s Mother and Daughter. These lovely ladies are like 2 peas in a pod. They both look at you with the same endearing eyes, just looking to please. Moved in perfect unison with their handler with wagging tails.

Paul Humphreys. (Judge)

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