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Olivia Henson (Tatsbro) 1943 - 2023


With heavy hearts, we share the news of the passing of our friend, Olivia Henson. Olivia left us late last night (08/11/23) after a long battle with illness. She  was always immaculately presented despite this – and most would not have even known about her illness unless she had chosen to tell you. She never complained about her condition and always put other people first.
While you may not be familiar with her name, Olivia was the chief fundraiser extraordinaire for ISRANDR, tirelessly raising thousands of pounds for the welfare of Irish setters in our rescue for decades. Her dedication earned her a well-deserved trophy for her outstanding efforts.
Her journey with the rescue began in 1981, when she picked up her first dog from a police station. From that moment, she dedicated her life to helping our beloved red setters. Even at the age of 75, she fearlessly took part in a sponsored skydive to raise money for the rescue. Even as recently as September had to be talked out of taking a terrifying zipline across a quarry in Wales.                                                                                  
Olivia had a tenacity for ensuring every penny possible was raised for the dogs; Woe betide you if you sold something too cheap at a fundraiser. She was always carrying around a book of raffle tickets and would try and sell them to anyone she saw.
Her commitment extended beyond just fundraising though. She served on the committee for rescue for over 20 years, and also on the committee for the Irish Setter Club of Wales. She was very proud of the fact that she was a championship show judge for Irish setters.
Olivia was our friend, a strong and fiercely private woman who never tolerated nonsense or things being done in a sub par way. Her first words to me were, ‘and who are you?!’ Yet, she had a deep love for her dogs and remained dedicated to them until her last days, taking them to fields just weeks ago. They are now in safe and caring hands.
When I visited Olivia in the hospice a few days ago, I was moved to find the only personal item she had was a framed certificate from ISBC, bestowing upon her an honorary membership to the club she had supported so passionately for years. Her pride in that certificate reflects the person she was.
We had the opportunity to celebrate her 80th birthday at Stoneleigh in April where she drew her last raffle ticket for rescue. There won’t be another Olly. We will miss you, but never forget.
Rest in peace, dear friend, and may your legacy live on. We extend our heartfelt condolences from all of us at Irish setter rescue and rehome.

At Olivia’s request, her funeral will be a private affair.

David Laidlaw (Glencarron) 1936 - 2023

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of David Laidlaw. He was a true gentleman with a lovely smile who will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. Our sincere condolences go to Betty, Chloe and his family.

June Aspinall (Emmafield) 1932 - 2022

Linda Savage Writes:-

It is with sadness that I learned last weekend, from her son, of the passing of June Aspinall of Emmafield affix.

I first met June in 1978. I saw her in the ring showing a young dog that I thought was so impressive. With her bright red hair matching her dog and her infectious laugh she was easy to spot. I believe this was at WELKS (though I may be misremembering) where he got his First CC under Major Houghton The young dog was Emmafield Double Dutch ,“Blue” at home, out of June’s bitch Sh Ch Emmafield Aubanjon Adventuress by

Cornevon Westerhuy’s Dream. I went to speak to June who was so friendly and helpful and we remained friends for many years.

I was invited to her home to look at two remaining puppies from Blue’s litter, a dog that June was keeping and a bitch destined for Australia. ( see photo of June with Lucy) I fell for the bitch puppy and after a couple more visits June decided not to send her abroad and so that is how “Lucy” came to live with us. She was Emmafield Truly Scrumshus out of Sh Ch Emmafield Carefree by Emmafield Double Dutch. Six years later we also had Emmafield Mystique “Meggie” another “Blue” puppy out of Emmafield Born Free

Blue” went on to gain 6 CC’s and 8 RCC’s.

June’s first Sh Ch “Meg” was bred by Gill Dale’s father, of the Aubanjon affix. Not only was she a Sh Ch and a group winner but also gained some fame being photographed by a Sheffield newspaper for a very different reason. She had a litter of 17 Irish puppies all of which, I believe, survived.

I remember June telling me of the days when coach trips to Dog shows were run for all breeds and she took “Meg” overnight up to Scotland to campaign her, that’s dedication.

June overcame several family tragedies and somehow found the strength to carry on. She was of the era of Janice Roberts and Willie Duynkerke and many other well-known breeders. She awarded CC’s in Irish of which she was extremely knowledgeable. She had a great interest and memory of pedigrees and could reel off generations of famous Irish. As time went on and we both stopped showing we always exchanged Christmas cards and although she no longer had Irish she had a small companion dog.

I got in touch with her some time ago and we were arranging for me to visit her but she became bed ridden for a while and somehow the meeting never took place. We spoke on the phone and she sounded as youthful as ever and sounded just as I remember her when we first met. After a short illness in Hospital in July, she passed away at 90 years of age and her funeral was in the beginning of August, she leaves a son and Grandchildren.

June was a very warm person with a youthful spirit and a passion for the breed she loved most, She made her mark in Irish Setter history and she and her stalwart husband Ron made their mark on John and I for which we were always very grateful. So sad that she never saw the photographs I had put in an envelope to show her, of her showing her beloved Irish Setters.

Linda Savage

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Maureen Hurll (Carramore) 1932 - 2021

It is our very sad duty to report the passing of Maureen Hurll (Carramore) a highly repected Lady and Judge of Irish Setters and also a tireless worker for The Irish Setter Rescue.

Maureen will be remembered mainly for her work with The Irish Setter Rescue Group founded in 1968, and for over 50 years had been involved in the re-homing of Irish Setters. Maureen was also a Breeder, Exhibitor & Championship Show Judge and a former Hon Secretary of the Irish Setter Breeders Club. She will be greatly missed by her Irish Setter friends.
Funeral arrangements are as follows:-
West Suffolk Crematorium, Risby, Bury Saint Edmunds,
IP28 6RR, on 22nd November at 2.30pm.
Due to the shortness of time and of people’s concern with mixing during ‘Covid’ , it has not been possible to organise a ‘wake’ or social gathering but if anyone would care to commemorate Maureen’s memory, you can make a donation, either direct to:
‘Independent Setter Rescue & Rehome’ or to St. Nicholas Hospice, whose details are: St Nicholas Hospice Care Hardwick Ln, Bury Saint Edmunds IP33 2QY Phone: 01284 766133
St. Nicholas Registered Charity No. 287773

Obituary & More Photos at:
Geraldine Cove-Print Writes:-

The Irish Setter world has lost one of its most devoted advocates for the breed in the passing of Maureen Hurll. She died at home after a long period of illness bravely fought.

Her love for the Irish Setter began many years ago when she was brought up by her Grandmother in rural Ireland, she was not born in the Emerald Isle but her love of the countryside, music and the arts would have been nurtured by these early years. Maureen recalled to me an old fashioned catholic upbringing which was strict but with a humour that set her in good stead through her life.

With husband Ray, Maureen was a well-known figure in the dog showing fraternity during the 60’s and 70’s onward. Maureen was so very proud of her dogs, “winning was always a bonus “she said “but more important is to have a dog you could live with and enjoy”. Forthright and painfully honest on occasion, she was popular as a Judge. It was a pleasing coincidence that at the Midlands Irish Setter Society inaugural Open Show in 1982 Maureen was the chosen Judge and four years later at the MISS first Championship show her lad, Carramore Irish Moonshine took his third CC and was crowned a show Champion. This was to be her second Champion, Sh Ch Hurricane of Carramore being her first.

Maureen served on the Irish Setter Breeders Club committee as Hon. Secretary but her greatest achievement began as she established the Irish Setter Rescue Group Charitable Trust, Maureen always asserted that it was the first Irish Setter Rescue in the UK.

Hundreds of dogs have found their homes over the years guided by Maureen. Ray continued to work beside her as Treasurer until he became debilitated by illness and sadly died in 2015. The Charity went from strength to strength with Maureen ploughing a furrow of fund raising events drawing in celebrities and setter folk who came together to celebrate the breed and support the important work of the ISRGCT. Trustees came and went but the enduring force was always Maureen because for her, Irish Setters were her life.

Maureen had been unwell for some time but her stoicism and work ethic were so strong that only friends knew just how ill she was, she told me “I don’t have time to be ill, I have work to do!”

Just a few months ago Maureen entrusted her beloved Rescue to Independent Setter Rescue & Rehome when the two Charities merged. Maureen’s work will continue although she has earned her rest, we should never forget the effort and emotion that created and maintained the Irish Setter Rescue Group Charitable Trust and the enormous honour she has bestowed upon Indie Rescue to continue carrying the flag.

The world is poorer without Maureen’s wicked wit and laser tongue, sadly there are no close family but good friends she had and they will remember her with affection and in some cases, with more than a little awe! She could be fierce and uncompromising, some may see those as faults but they were part of her amazing character and were so often part of her strength to complete a task begun.

For those who believe in the legend of Rainbow Bridge one can imagine the flood of Irish Setters rushing to greet her again in joyful reunion.

May God keep you in the palm of his hand Maureen, a long life, well lived.

Geraldine Cove-Print

Pat Brigden (Autumnwood) 09/2021

It is our very sad duty to report the passing of Pat Brigden (Autumnwood) a highly repected Lady and Judge of Irish Red and White Setters and also our lovely breed Irish Setters. Please see below tribute from her friend Jim.

Jim Cuddy Writes:-

It is with great personal sadness that I report the passing of Pat Brigden,one of our Clubs founder members,and one of the most passionate supporters of our wonderful breed .Initially in Irish setters for many years where she had a lot of friends and was a member of the South East Social Committee.She became interested in Red and Whites and bought her first red and White from Joyce Webb in the early 80,s and went on to become a prominent figure in the breed under her Autumnwood affix with which she had many successes,she was also a founder member of the Red and White Setter Club of Great Britain with whom she became a Vice President.Pat was so enthusiastic for the breed that she did a tremendous amount of research and produced “The Irish Red And White Setter “ in 1989,a book which is still popular across the globe today.

She was a tireless worker and she would stand up for her argument in any quarter especially at AGM,s and in particular in controversial times,eg,when the outcross programme was announced she had a few choice words to say about that,and often at the kennel Club AGM,s

I have personally known Pat since the early 80,s and I helped her to run the ringcraft classes in Caterham,Surrey,for many years,through to more recent times when we worked together on the Kennel Club Gazette after a change of heart by the KC reinstated the publication. Here she met another marvellous friend,Ron Stewart,of King Charles Spaniels ,and from whom Pat obtained her last dog Poppy,a King Charles.

Her life changed in recent years when she moved from East Grinstead ,West Sussex,away from her many friends ,in particular her great friend Maureen Newman who saw Pat almost daily and was a marvellous support to her.She moved to Somerset to be near her ailing son who sadly passed away shortly after she moved there.Fortunately her daughter and her husband moved there at the same time so she had family around her in these last years,and Maureen visited frequently which was a massive comfort to her.

She will be sadly missed and we send our sincere condolences to family and friends.The funeral is at Taunton Deane Crematorium at 2.30 on the 29th September.Donations to the Marie Curie charity would be much appreciated via the funeral directors ;Hedley Price,Mart Rd,Minehead,Somerset ,TA24 5BJ

Michelle Webster (Hooley) 13/07/2021

It is our very sad duty to report the passing of Michelle Webster (Hooley) a highly repected Lady and Judge of our lovely breed. Please see below some tributes from her friends in Irish Setters.

ISBC Write:-
How sad, her pedigree database is testament to her dedication to the breed. She will be remembered as a quiet, unassuming lady who sought no reward. Michelle was awarded, by the ISBC, the Carol Dines Memorial Trophy awarded to a member but not an official of the club for services to the Club. Rest in peace Michelle.
Irish Setter Rescue And Re-home write:-
We are very sorry to learn of the passing of Michelle Webster, yesterday.
Michelle was a loyal long term supporter of ISBC Rescue Scheme and continued to do so when our name changed to ISRANDR.
Her life revolved around Irish Setters, and she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.
Rest in peace Michelle.
Christine Morgan writes in her breed notes:-
It is a huge shock to us all but particularly to her very close friends, Meg Webb (who had taken her to the hospital) and Carole Bailey who spoke to Michelle every single morning.
Michelle was from Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire and was an only child. She had always loved dogs and her first was a Pembroke Corgi.
After leaving Cleethorpes Grammar School for Girls she studied Music and English Literature at Westminster College, Oxford and became a teacher of reception pupils upwards. Carole tells me that Michelle was very musical and had a wonderful operatic singing voice.
When she married she got her very first Irish Setter. Kerrigan Amber Dream aka Oliver was bred by Dorothy Rees in March 1980 and was by Twoacres Nautilus ex Mahogany Red Flame.
Michelle divorced and returned home to her parents and in 1992 she bought an Irish Setter from June Coates. Flynn (Twoacres Joker The Hooley) was out of Twoacres Old Gold by Janter Jedadiah and having won second place at his first show Michelle was hooked.
At home he was known as Hooley O’Flynn because he was a typical Irish hooligan and Michelle took Hooley as her affix. He gained his Stud Book number.
Flynn was litter brother to Sh Ch Twoacres Jade and when she was mated to Goldings Festival in 1995 Michelle bought a dog, Twoacres Fergus. He won his Junior Warrant and two CCs.
Marjorie Jarosz gave him his first at NEEISC in 1998. RCC went to Dnawlen Crystal Rummer, his first of two.
Two years later in 2000 at GSW Alicia Coupe awarded him his second with Bai Breeze Bi Thendara taking his first RCC.
Oddly enough it was the last time that both ladies gave CCs in dogs.
June McAvoy had a litter by Fergus out of her Rua Vanity in 1998 and kept a bitch Cymbeline Aoife. She won a Reserve CC from Clive Davies at City of Birmingham in 2000 when Coppershell Red Beauty won her only ever ticket.
A second RCC came from Sally Foster at Leeds in 2002. Sh Ch Lynwood Timeltell won her 7th CC.
June used Fergus again in 2002 but this time from Timadon Miss Irresistable. June kept a dog, Cymbeline Fiseal, and he also won 2 RCCs.
The first was from Jackie Lorrimer at Belfast in 2004 when Sh Ch Kirkavagh Kalaglow won his 6th CC and his second was at GBAS in 2005 when Rosemary Whitelock judged. On the day Rosemary titled Sh Ch Brabrook True Blade.
Michelle had litter brother to Fiseal, Cymbeline Fallon By Hooley.
At the time of her passing Michelle still had an Irish at home. Mulligan aka Glenvarna Fire And Ice At Hooley was bred by Kevin and Liz Swainston in 2013 out of Glenvarna The Wow Factor by Togipoto Ice God At Glenvarna who through his dam is a great grandson of T. Jade.
Mulligan and Michelle’s cat Charlie are being well cared for.
For many years Michelle was a very efficient and capable secretary of the East Midlands Social Region of the ISBC. She organised many educational and fun events and threw herself wholeheartedly into what ever she did.
But more than this she was a devoted and loyal friend who loved her dogs, her friends, her home and her garden. With Michelle what you saw was what you got.
Many years ago, when I was having a particularly troubling time, she was a great support to me and I shall never ever forget her words. “The truth will always out” she said and how right she was. I still hear here saying these words to this day.
Michelle was utterly devoted to Irish Setters and in 2016 at the ISBC Championship Show she was awarded the Carol Dines Memorial Award. This award is presented to those who have given continuing and significant service to the club and breed in a behind the scenes way, not in a prominent role.
Michelle’s Irish Setter Pedigree database is an outstanding piece of work and my notes could never be written without them.
Michelle never had a real opportunity to campaign her dogs fully because she gave it up to care for her elderly parents and poorly dogs. She judged at Open Show level and did all that was required of her to award CCs with the exception of winning a third Stud Book number.
The Kennel Club requirement is for three Stud Book numbers save for exceptional circumstances but she was never put on an A3 list.
It is a crying shame that she was never granted A3 status because if caring for your aging parents and sick dogs is not exceptional then I don’t know what is.
Thank you for all you did for the breed and those who own them Michelle, you will be sorely missed and I for one am very grateful and a better person for knowing you.
To your cousin John and Pauline and to your heartbroken friends Meg and Carole I send my most sincere condolences.
They have waited for you at the Rainbow Bridge Michelle so cross it together now and rejoice in joyous reunion.
A Michelle Webster Story from the 1990s.
Liz Rose-Hay held a fun day in aid of Irish Setter Rescue at her place in deepest darkest Cheshire with Susan George and Simon MacCorkindale as judges.
There were novelty classes and games played. The beer raffle was particularly popular. Tickets were bought and to everyone’s surprise every ticket was a winning one.
The sun shone all day and we had a barbeque with sausages aplenty for the dogs.
As the day drew to a close a car came screeching on to the drive and a very hot and sweaty Michelle jumped out shouting “I made it”.
Poor Michelle had been driving around the Cheshire countryside for hours trying to find Liz’s place but with her usual good humour she asked “Have I missed anything?”
God Bless you Michelle, we will all hold our friends a little closer tonight and tell them how much we love them.
Christine Morgan
Willy Duijnkerke (Westerhuy`s) 08/06/2021

It is our very sad duty to report the passing of Willy Duijnkerke (Westerhuy) a highly repected Breeder and Judge of our breed. Please see below some tributes from her friends in Irish Setters.

Christine Morgan writes in her breed notes:-
I am saddened to report the passing of Willy Duijnkerke on the 8th June. Willy was a Dutch national and came to live in England in 1976. She was a successful exhibitor of Irish in the Netherlands before moving here and had imported several Cornevons from Janice Roberts.
Sh Ch Cornevon Westerhuys Cloggy was bred by Janice Roberts in May 1975 and owned in partnership with her. She was by Margretwoods Caretaker Of Scotswood ex Cornevon Stargazer and won 3 CCs and 7 reserves. Her first was at City of Birmingham in 1977 from Mrs A Nicolson who gave the RCC to Carnbargus Red Silk. Jimmy Cudworth gave her her second CC at Setter and Pointer and awarded the RCC to Helecam Highlight. She was titled by Jack Houghton at Driffield later that year and Carnbargus Racing Silk was Reserve.
Cloggy had five litters. One to Sh Ch Cornevon Lovebird in February 1977 produced the CC winning Westerhuy’s Dutch Aristocrat. This was won from Gwen Broadley at ISCS 1980 with Hallglen Copper Beech taking his only ever RCC. Another brother, W. Dutch Impression won a CC at Windsor in 1981 when Vi Thorne-Baker was the judge. Sh Ch Brendower Bronze Champagne took the Reserve. He also won two RCCs from Joy Tonkyn at ISBC in 1979 and Pat Rutherford at Midland Counties in 1981. Zorosean Aqvamarina and Skymist Wild Storm won the CCs.
Dutch Impression was owned by Willie in partnership with Mr & Mrs Cleeton who also owned Cornevon Moonspinner in partnership with Janice. The two were mated together and in the resulting litter was Sh Ch Ryseford Lady Galadriel who won 14 CCs and 9 RCCs.
Their litter sister, W. Dutch Appeal was mated to Sh Ch Emmafield Double-Dutch and produced SA Ch Westerhuys Swinging Belle Of Oakdale and Ned Ch Westerhuy’s Sea Minstrel.
Also in this litter was W. Red Symphony owned by Willie and Mrs J M Hammond. She was mated to Night Fever, the result of which was Sh Ch Royal Archer who won 4 CCs and 3 RCCs.
Another sister, W. Dutch Spirit, was mated to Sh Ch Wendover Colas and so was the dam of Sh Ch
Disco Dancer Of Danaway. Disco Dancer was the dam of Sh Ch Danaway Debonair and the grand dam of Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid.
Cloggy had two litters to Sh Ch Brinara Inula the first of which produced Westerhuy’s Dutch Delight who won a CC from Mary Tuite at Belfast in 1985. Bonahaird Snowboots won her second RCC.
In the second litter was Vdh Ch Westerhuy’s Dutch Peace.
Sh Ch Cornevon Westerhuys Dream was also owned in partnership with Janice who had bred him in July 1975. He was by Sh Ch Cornevon Prince Charming out of Sh Ch Cornevon Primrose. His first of 3 CCs was won at SWKA in 1977 when Owen Jenkins was the judge. Stephenshill Justin won his second of four RCCs. Dream’s second CC was from Audrey Harper in 1978 at Driffield and his son Emmafield Double-Dutch was awarded the RCC. He was made up at Bournemouth in 1979 by Mrs P. J. Robertson. Segantii Saybleu won his only ever RCC.
Dream was the sire of 30 litters and three Show Champions. I wrote about Sh Ch Emmafield Double-Dutch, Sh Ch Westerhuy’s Try My Best of Elwood and Sh Ch Fearnley Fire Cinders Of Dallowgill in my notes of 8th March.
Willie awarded CCs in Irish, her first appointment being at Bath in 1983 when she judged the dogs. She gave a first CC to Caskeys Bo Jo and a first Reserve to Suteresett Hot Rumour. Her last appointment was in 2016 at NEEISC (dogs) and she made up Sh Ch Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It with the RCC going to Sh Ch Clonageera Kinross Love Barola.
Only on one occasion did she judge both sexes; this was at Belfast ISC in 1988. Her Dog CC went to Danaway Baccante and Reserve was Sh Ch Bardonhill Supergrass. Bitch CC was Taffeta of Cornevon and Danaway Danielle was Reserve. Taffeta only won the one CC and Danielle won one more RCC from Eve Gardner plus two CCs from Barry Lincoln and Rae Furness.
All in all, she awarded CCs in dogs 7 times and in bitches 3 times.
Rest in peace Willy and condolences to her family.
Wanda and Mara Peppers write:-
A new star in heaven 🌟
Willy…a woman never to forget…true, straight honest, feisty and humorous!!!
She will be treasured as a legend in setter world by us and I am sure by many more.
Conquered many health problems in the past years but with her strong will she managed very well. Just as she got back on her feet, able to enjoy life with a new Irish setter in her life, she lost the fight.
Rest in peace Willy. Thinking of William and all who will miss her deeply. 💔
June Walsh (Millcroft) 02/06/2021

It is our very sad duty to report the passing of June Walsh (Millcroft) a highly repected Breeder and Judge of our breed. Please see below some tributes from her friends in Irish Setters.

Kay Donnelly writes:-
The call I had dreaded came early this morning from Sally Foster to tell me of the passing of my good friend June Walsh (Millcroft Irish Setters). June has been unwell for the last number of years and fought her illness and lack of mobility with great dignity and despite her frustrations she would chirpily declare “I just have to get on with it!” During our last telephone conversation shortly before her final hospitalisation she revealed how she was totally bedbound but “luckily” had her tv, phone and kindle to whittle away the hours. Playing the self pity card was simply not her style.
June’s dogs were her pride and joy and over the years she bred many wonderful dogs. I first got to know June when her handsome boy Chance (Janter Moon Magician at Millcroft) filled my eye from ringside. Some time later, having seen Abbi, Sh Ch Millcroft Ballad of the Moon, as a raw youngster I approached June for a puppy whenever she planned breeding from her. There followed a long four year wait but during that time we cemented a lasting friendship. When the litter arrived I went for my pick and the wonderful Jodi entered my life and what a journey we shared, supported by June every step of the way. After I chose her June confided to me that if I had not selected Jodi she would have kept her. When I replied that as breeder she surely had the right to keep whatever she wanted her reply has lived with me always – “I’d given you my word and I would never go back on that”. And that was June to a tee! We shared every step of Jodi’s success and I always loved those post show calls! Ironically her favourite photo of Jodi was of her being hugged by my son Mike the day I brought her home. She said that knowing she was going to receive that kind of love meant more than anything! The successful show career that followed was secondary to that!!
I was blessed to be present at LKA when her beloved Abbi gained her first CC in style with Best of Breed. What a day! June was so so proud but, as was her way, it was a reserved pride. She presented both myself and Julie with a lovely framed Irish Setter print of setters having fun that she bought in celebration of the occasion. It hangs in my kitchen and always makes me think of June and that joyous day. The following Crufts was certainly a Millcroft one! Not alone did Abbi win the Bitch CC but her daughter Pearl, Jodi’s sister, won Best Puppy In Breed. June watched from ringside silently bursting with pride and had to be reluctantly coaxed into some photos. Not one for fanfares she then rapidly disappeared to her bench to sit with “her girl” and savour a quite moment and tend to Abbi. Gaining her title was so well deserved for both Abbi and June. Though Abbi was her special girl June held all of her dogs dear to her heart. Her last Irish Setter, her constant companion and beloved Piper, passed away recently. June always said she was simply never going to die while he was alive, and she didn’t. Just before Covid struck ,at Midlands Irish Championship Show, David Pike, as bitch judge on the day, made it a Millcroft double awarding Jodi and Scarlett with CC and Res CC. Later Jodi and her brother Chase completed another Millcroft double with Best Veteran and Res Best Veteran In Show. How proud she was and what wonderful recognition for June’s lifetime in Irish Setters.
I will forever be grateful to June, not just for my beautiful Millcroft girl but also her friendship. She was smart, wise beyond words, loyal, straight talking, sensitive and witty. I will miss her hugely but will forever cherish all of the good memories. I know she will be missed by her sisters and her many close friends. I have to commend Sally Foster for her steadfast loyalty to June. June lived for her visits and between them they put the world of dogs to right! Sally you really were a true blue friend to her and I know she really appreciated all that you did for her.
Sleep softly dear June as you are reunited with your beloved John and all of the beautiful Millcrofts that waited for you at Rainbow’s Bridge.
I will never forget you. It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. Kay & Jodi xx
Audrey Graydon (Eringold)

Sandy Waterton writes:-

More sad news… I regret to tell those who remember Audrey that she had moved to a nursing home, in Norfolk, where she was battling severe illness.
Sadly, Audrey died last weekend at the home.
Sympathies to her son Ian, who lived near there .. and all family and friends, in particular Frances Curtis. I managed to speak to Audrey on her mobile, at the home, at the beginning of the month… when she sounded quite bright x 
Audrey had three Wyldfire girls from Frances, one of which she bred to Intrepid in 1998 – that was Wyldfire Eileanoir of Eringold (1994); before that Wyldfire Eringold, in 1977 (from whom I assume she chose her affix) – and later, Wyldfire Ceire of Eringold in 2005.


Audrey`s last Irish was from Gillian & Mike Townsend, who have written these lovely words:-

“I first met Audrey at Crystal Palace CA Open Show on April 16th 1995. I had judged the Irish Setters and awarded her lovely 8 month old bitch, Wyldfire Eileanoir of Eringold Best Puppy in a class of 9 (She went on to the best 8 for BPIS).
Audrey came for a chat after the judging and we continued to chat over the years. I was very happy when she asked if she could have a bitch puppy from my final litter 10 years ago.
She and her close friend, Frances Curtis, came to view the litter by Coppers Undercover at Lynwood out of Follidown Forgetmenot and collected Follidown Meadow Sorrel at 8 weeks old.
I had always liked her devotion to her Setters (and her cats) and Saffron had a loving home. She put the welfare and love for her dogs above the desire to win in the show ring.
She regularly sent me photos of Saffron and we chatted from time to time.When Audrey became seriously ill and was taken into a nursing home Saffron came back to me to be with her litter sister and my 3 year old and both welcomed her in.
We shall miss Audrey”
RIP at The Bridge Audrey
Sue Loynd (Crimbledale)12/11/2020
Sue with Brackenfield Fan Circa 1968

It is our very sad duty to report the passing of Sue Loynd a highly repected Breeder and Judge of our breed. Please see below some tributes from her friends in Irish Setters. Our sincere condolences go to her husband Rodney, daughter Ellen and all Sue`s family at this sad time.

The phone rang on Thursday 12th November. It was Ellen giving me the very sad news that her mum, Sue, had passed away in hospital in the early hours of the morning with family at her side.
Sue had suffered ill health for sometime and spent some weeks in hospital earlier this year. She returned home to be nursed back to health by Ellen who gave up her job to look after her. She was doing well until last week when she had to return to hospital and sadly this time the battle was too much for her .
I have known Sue since 1973 when I first started going to dog shows.
She was a Lancashire lass born and bred in Rochdale. She had grown up with dogs and it was a few months after the death of her cocker spaniel in1965 that her father mentioned a man he worked with had a litter of Irish Setter puppies and perhaps it would be nice to go and see them.
The litter was bred by Colin and Joan Wild (Wenfold ) and Sue went home clutching Wenfold Bracken who, with support from Colin and Joan, she started to show.
She married Rodney and two bitches joined them over the next few years , Musbury Maeve in 1966 and Brackenfield Fan in 1968 and in 1969 she registered her affix Crimbledale formed using the word Crimble from the Crimble Valley of Rochdale and the dale from Rochdale itself. Ellen was added to share the affix when she showed her own interest in the kennel in due course.
Maeve had two litters but it was Fan who was really Sue’s foundation bitch. She won a CC at Cheshire Agricultural Show in 1970 under
Mr A B Nicolson and when she was mated to Sh Ch Twoacres Troilus she produced Crimbledale Commanchero who figures in many of today’s pedigrees including my own .
Commanchero was used at stud by Shelagh and John Vant on Troilus’s litter sister Sh Ch Twoacres Teresa and they kept Barleydale Barnadine who figures strongly in the Barleydale line.
Sue brought in a bitch by Commanchero out of Shelindair Hazel who was Wendover and Gaelge breeding. This bitch Rainbury Red Maple was put to Cornevon Pipedream and produced Crimbledale Carmen.
Carmen was mated to Twocres Goldsmith who again went back to Troilus via his mother Solace of Twoacres . Carmen’s daughter from this mating, Golden Charm, was put to her father’s brother Sh Ch Twoacres Gold Eagle owned by Eric and Ruth Armstrong and shown by Peter Armstrong . It is this litter that really had a great influence on the breed.
Sue and Ellen decided to keep a dog and a bitch, Golden Choice and Golden Melody . I remember going to see the litter at 6weeks old and saying how very beautiful they were.
Sh Ch Crimbledale Golden Choice, as he became, was a very prolific sire and many of today’s pedigrees will figure him in earlier generations. His progeny was so successful, on one occasion he won the annual Dog World Top stud dog award for Irish Setters.
PRA1 which breeders at that time thought had been bred out re-appeared and a spotlight was shone on various kennels including Twoacres.
Sue agreed that Golden Choice should be test mated which was rather controversial but she was brave and stuck to her guns, typical Sue . He was proved clear which was a huge relief and of great importance for the future of the breed.
His progeny was extensive but included ;
Sh Ch Kerryfair Lover Boy, ( dam Kerryfair Prima Donna) who was also a very influential sire and sired a multitude of top winners.
Ceannroe Lucky Charm at Crimbledale in 1995 who won a CC at Darlington in 1998 under Shelagh Vant .
Crimbledale Winter Thyme was another of his sons who I used myself and kept Lanstara Gala Thyme who figures in all my pedigrees.
Golden Choice, along with his sister Golden Melody (2CCs), had one of the most beautiful heads in the breed at that time, in my humble opinion, and he stamped it on his children and grandchildren, balanced with a refined skull, raised brows , chiselling, soft gentle eyes that made you melt when you looked into them .
Golden Melody was mated to her half brother Crimbledale All Gold ( Sh Ch Bardonhill Supergrass x Crimbledale Golden Charm) and her daughter Double Charm was mated to Gillian Barker’s Gold Fever of Balintyne .
This mating produced Sh Ch Crimbledale Country Gossip of Casperosso owned by Diane Cardwell and Maureen and Steve Mitchell’s Crimbledale Wysiwyg At Staxyll (1CC)
In addition to All Gold the Supergrass mating produced Golden Clover
who was mated to Twoacres Edward Bear at Carek and the resultant litter included Crimbledale Hello Dolly an Overseas Champion owned by Ronny and Carine Blomme .
Sue and Ellen haven’t bred Irish for a number of years now , though they have never been without one for long , Kirkavagh Sibola at Crimbledale Oldestone New Edition at Crimbledale SHCM and more recently Anlory Poachers Brook Join Crimbledale SHCM have all been part of the family. Ruby, Sue’s grand daughter has recently been added to Brook’s ownership encouraging the next generation to support the breed and show ring.
Sue has owned several breeds over the years and is very well known in English Setters, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and King Charles Spaniels. She and Ellen have made up litter brother and sister English Setters ( from a litter of just the two) over the last few years Sh Ch Crimbledale Sea the Skies and Sh Ch Crimbledale Seaing Stars. Grand daughter Ruby was delighted to be there to see the bitch gain her 3rd and crowning CC!
It is so sad that Ellen had to make the heart breaking decision yesterday to release their mother 11yr old Richecca Sea the Stars at Crimbledale from suffering.
In 2005 Sue and Ellen took on a Twoacres Cavalier when June Coates died. Topsy was in whelp and they kept a bitch Twoacres Carol Singer who went on to gain her stud book number . The first Twoacres Cavalier to do so. Cavaliers seem to have been around for a long time at Crimbledale and whenever you visited Sue and family there was always a Cavalier or a charlie wanting to sit on your knee.
Sue gave tickets in three breeds , Irish, English and King Charles. The last CCs she awarded being at the last Blackpool Ch Sh in King Charles. She should have judged Irish dogs at Setter and Pointer this month but that wasn’t to be. She judged bitches at the show some years ago giving the CC to Linda King’s Sh Ch Kirkavah Khaydara JW who went on to get BIS.
Sue was always active on committees . She was secretary on the NW Social Section of the ISBC in the 1980s for a while . I was on the committee along side her and in those days the NW was a vibrant well supported part of the country for Irish setters. There were talks, matches, dinner dances and hot pot suppers and we all had lots of fun . They were usually in the Rochdale area and I can well remember coming out of a pub late one night and being stopped by the police to check if I had been
drinking. I was quite excited that I might get the chance to try out one of the new breathlysers, but the police believed me when I said I had only been drinking coke . I drove away wondering if the people still dancing would be so lucky…
She was secretary of Rossendale Open show for many years , it was a show we all went to as we knew there would be a specialist judge on for the breed and we wanted to support all the hard work she and Ellen put in. They also ran puppy training classes which were greatly appreciated by all breeds.
My personal memories of Sue are many, traveling in their car to an occasional show to share the fuel and have some company. The laughter on the way there and back and the knowledge and food that was shared – we never got home hungry, the picnic bag was full to the gunnels “just in case”
For agricultural shows she was loaded up and often a little tent was put up . Rodney, the back room boy, was left in a deck chair guarding dogs and possessions whilst Sue and Ellen found who they needed to go and chat to before the classes went in the ring. She seemed to know everyone and no one passed by without a “Hello” to Sue .
I will miss her so much, she was straight talking and would tell you honestly how she saw things in a typical northern way. She had a heart of gold and would put her all in to anything she undertook.
To Rodney. Ellen, Russell, Ruby and family my very deepest sympathy Rest in Peace, Sue .
The family will be setting up a Just Giving page over the next few days with donations going to the Air Ambulance.
Due to covid 19 regulations at the moment, Sue’s funeral will need to be restricted to family .If any one wants further details or just to chat about Sue , Ellen is happy to be contacted.
Viv Blackshaw(Lanstara)
It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of a friend and fellow setter enthusiast, Sue Loynd. I have known Sue and her daughter Ellen since 1987 when i first started showing in the North West at open shows. Being a complete novice Sue would always make a comment as to how i did in the ring and help me to progress with my handling of my first Irish Setter (Tsar Of Eros At Orlanset  1 RCC 1 CC). She was a lovely vibrant lady with a good sense of humor, willing to help anyone new to the breed and spoke as she saw it. Sue will be sorely missed in the world of dogs. Deepest condolences to Sue`s husband Rodney, daughter Ellen and to the rest of her Family. R.I.P Sue Xx 
Dave Hemmings (Orlanset)


Ray Luto 27/10/2020
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Ray Luto loving husband of Pat Luto (Rappatty).
Gill Hart write`s:-
It is with great sadness I am writing this post at the request of Pat Luto’s son Robert.
Tuesday 27 October Pat’s husband Ray passed away peacefully at home.
Ray had suffered from ill health over the past few years, Pat, Wendy, Marie and Robert have lovingly cared for him throughout this time.
Pat and Ray had been together since Pat was 16 years of age, together they raised their 3 children and shared their life lovingly with their beloved Irish Setters under the affix Rappatty.
Graham and I were honoured 13 years ago when they allowed us to bring home Etney, since this time we have forged a life long friendship.
Rays ill health never got in his way, he was an avid photographer, taking beautiful photos of their beloved setters. He supported Pat ringside when she showed her Setters and was always the most gentle natured and polite gentleman with a wicked sense of humour and a twinkle in his eye.
Graham and I are honoured to have known such a wonderful man and along with all their ‘doggy’ friends offer our sincere condolences to Pat, Wendy, Marie, Robert and grandchildren.
RIP Ray xxxx
Tony Dines 17/10/2020
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Tony Dines.
Tony was, for many years, the treasurer of the then ISBC Rescue Scheme.
He was, with his late wife, a great supporter of our breed.
Tony’s funeral will be held on Thursday the 29th October 2020 in Coventry.

Tribute From Brian Ross

I was very saddened to receive the news that Tony Dines has died. I knew Tony for over 50 years from the time when both of us and our wives, Carol and Greta, joined the ISBC in the same year of 1968, and both with youngsters bred by Sybil Lennox. Tony and Carol had Brackenfield Rory, a big, sturdy dog considered large compared to the norm in those days, and we had a sweet bitch Brackenfield Bette. As time went on Tony and Carol continued to show in a moderate way with dogs in their Chartley affix but both rapidly became more involved in the administrative and welfare side of Irish Setters.

Tony joined the ISBC committee in 1973 under the chairmanship of Bernard Rogers and, with Barrie Rhodes retiring at that time due to work pressures, Tony immediately became Honorary Treasurer and also a member of the recently formed Rescue Sub-Committee of which Barbara Rogers was Secretary. In 1977 Bill Sturgess retired as Treasurer of Rescue and Tony immediately resigned his position as Treasurer of the ISBC to be succeeded by Jennie Lee (later Reed) in order to become Treasurer of Rescue until his retirement from that position in 2007. I can do no better than to quote the words written by Barbara in the 2007 Year Book with which I totally agree: “When providing this report on behalf of your Rescue Committee, I take the opportunity to thank the many ISBC members who put their family and dogs on hold in order to support the Rescue Scheme. This time I record a very special thank you to Tony Dines, our Rescue Treasurer of thirty years standing, who has asked to be relieved of his duties. Tony’s period of service, which included management of the Rescue Open Show, together with the many home visits and dog transfers that he and his wife Carol have carried out over more than three decades, not to mention the elderly and sick dogs they have taken into their own family is recognition of their devotion to Irish Setters, the Rescue Scheme and the ISBC.”

My personal memories of Tony are of a man who was clear about what he sought to achieve in relation to the welfare of Irish Setters and determined to the point of stubbornness in pursuit of it. It was typical of him and Carol that they chose to mark their very deep personal grief on losing their son, Andrew, at a very young age by donating trophies to the Club in his name. When Carol herself died Tony again turned to the Club to remember her by setting up the Carol Dines Memorial Award to recognize individuals who do great service to the club and the breed behind the scenes.

As we continued to keep in touch I enjoyed receiving regular updates on from Tony on his retirement job as a guide, I believe for the National Trust, until his health no longer allowed.

Finally, I would like to recognize and express very sincere thanks on behalf of all Tony’s friends to the officers and other ISBC members accompanied by their Irish Setters who continued to make regular visits to him in his final retirement home in Coventry. I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded taking second place in his attentions to the redcoats!

Brian Ross

Gaye O`Connor 29/08/2020

It is our very sad duty to report the passing of our committee member Gaye O`Connor. Please see below some tributes from her friends. Our sincere condolences go to her husband Eamonn and sister Wendy.


It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of my friend and fellow setter enthusiast, Gaye O’Connor, at an age when she should have been enjoying a well earned retirement with her husband of 42 years, Eamonn. Gaye had grown up with dogs as her mother bred Rough Collies so it was a natural progression that Gaye, in turn, should devote herself to breeding and showing dogs although, of course, she chose Irish Setters as well as Irish Red & White Setters and miniature poodles. There were also pedigree cats.Gaye had her first Irish Setter in 1973 and began her show career the following year, joining the Irish Setter Breeders’ Club in 1977 and building her knowledge of dogs and dogdom to become a well known character in the show world, not only breeding good dogs but judging and active participation in both Open and Championship show management. In her professional life, Gaye was an English teacher and she had a lifelong appreciation of the literary “greats” witnessed by the fact that many of her dogs were named as characters from Shakespeare, Austen, Hardy and the Brontes. Two such were Caispern Polonius (William) retained by Gaye and Caispern Lorenzo, (Louie) owned by Helen Cohen. Both these dogs won CCs as did several other dogs that Gaye bred and exhibited. Gaye exported quality dogs to the USA and to Europe and had many friends both here and abroad. Her judging career meant that she awarded CCs in both the Irish Setter breeds and she judged abroad on several occasions. Gaye was a vibrant personality and the show world will be the poorer for her passing and I’m sure you will join me in sending deepest condolences to Eamonn and to Gaye’s sister, Wendy.

Gloria Horrocks- Irish Setter Breeders Club

In late 1980s and 1990s Eamonn and Gaye regularly exhibited their dogs on the Southern Irish Show Circuit, whilst also visiting Eamonn’s family. Gaye welcomed newcomers to The Circuit with open arms, invited them to social events, and this warm reception by Gaye and Eamonn will always be well remembered by many first time exhibitors.We passed many hours discussing secondary level state education. She taught English for many years. Gaye entertained her audiences with sympathetic,often amusing, tales of life in the classroom. If you asked Gaye for an opinion on any subject you could guarantee a straightforward ‘no holds barred’ honest, direct response.Therefore she was highly regarded by all who knew her. Gaye was well liked and admired by all who knew her.  She always had a shine and sparkle about her. When I think of Gaye I think of brightness, light, a vibrant colour.Someone who loved life, laughter and fun.

Adrienne Callister-Irish Setter Breeders Club

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of Gaye O’Connor, Caispern Irish Setters and CaispernIrish Red & White Setters, after a devastating short illness.Gaye was a good friend to many of us and a fellow exhibitor.As a youngster she was no amateur in the world of show dogs as her mother had bred and shown Rough Collies. Gaye started out in IRWS in the mid 1990s with an Ardbraccan bitch bred by Trudy Walsh and went on to make up an Irish Champion and she also bred SH CH Caispern Roddy Owen at Oldestone owned by David and Val Wade. Gaye’s stock was also the foundation for a number of other successful IRWS lines. Gaye was without doubt the backbone of the Irish Red & White Setter Club of Great Britain, a long serving committee member she was also Chairman of the club for two years. She was also on the Rescue sub-committee and always ready to help an IRWS in need. Gaye was a member of our Breed Education Sub Committee and led the development of the recent Multiple Choice Question paper for the then JCF. She delivered Breed Specific Seminars in an informative,amusing and professional way, a product of her teaching background. Gaye was also our well organised show manager.Gaye’s first love was Irish Setters, she started out in the mid 70sbreeding a number of ticket winners and Irish Champions, shown in the main either by Gaye or owned and shown by her good friend Helen Cohen who showed Gaye’s breeding in both IRWS and IS.Helen is still showing one of Gaye’sCaispern Irish Setter boys. Gaye wasa committee member of the Irish Setter Breeders Club and their Assistant Show Secretaryand she was also the Secretary of Sutton Coldfield & DCS for over 20 years.Last year Gaye became a member of the Kennel Club. She was proposed by dog people completely out of our Setter breeds which shows the regard she washeld in the world of dogs in general and had enjoyed some lovely lunches there with friends.Gaye passing is a tremendous loss to our Club, her friends and family. Our deepest condolences go to her husband Eamonn and her sister Wendy.

Mary Blackwell Sherratt-  President Irish Red &White Setter Club of Great Britain

Mr Bob Boutell (Ixia)

A wonderful tribute from Hannah Boutell after the sad loss of her lovely Dad Bob. Our sincere condelences to Hannah and all of her family xx

Daily Echo:- Click Here To Read Full Story

Mr & Mrs Gramlich
Lynne Dale - 21/09/2019

We were all so shocked and saddened to hear the news that Lynne Dale had passed away on the 21/09/19.

Lynne currentley served as the ISBC health co-ordinater and had done this duty for many years. We will not only greatly miss her knowledge and commitment to the ISBC but also the Irish Setter breed in general.

We are all still in shock at the moment, but clearly our condolences go to her family and friends at this very sad time.

Funeral arrangements
For those of you wishing to attend to say a final farewell to Lynne the details of her funeral are as follows:

1pm Wednesday 9th October 2019,
Wakefield Crematorium,
Standbridge Lane,

and afterwards at:-

The Station Pub

Bretton Lane,




Lynne Dale
Lynne pictured in 1983 with her ShCh Wendover Royal Justice
Mr Keith Lewis 22/11/18
Mr Keith Lewis (Kegil)

We are so very sad to record the passing today (22.11.18) of

Keith Lewis, Kegil Irish & English Setters)Keith , with his late wife Gill were great supporters of the breed, he served on the committee of the ISBC as Secretary for many years and was a popular and gentle man.

Keith had endured poor health for some time but he was always able to greet friends old and new with a smile and a warm handshake.

Keith’s love of dogs and his service to the breed was recently celebrated by the ISBC , he accepted his award with his customary humour and grace. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends throughout the world.


Tues Dec 18th 12:45 at St Mary Magdalene,Tanworth Green, Tanworth-in-Arden, West Midlands, B94 5AL

Followed by the Wake at The Oak Hotel, Hockley Heath,Stratford Rd, Hockley Heath, Solihull B94 5NW (4 miles from the church)

If you are intending to attend please notify Kevin Venables via email: or on 07549167429

Catherine "Kate O'Callaghan: 18/02/1934-27/08/2018
Kate O'Callaghan (Merrybourne)

Catherine “Kate” O’Callaghan: 18/2/1934-27/8/2018 – from Brian Ross (President Irish Setter Breeders Club)

As many of her friends will know, Kate O’Callaghan has experienced a number of health problems recently, involving stays in 3 different hospitals, including surgery at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, before returning to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury.

Sadly, her health took a downward spiral and she passed away on the morning of Monday 27 August, in the presence of son Mark, and members of her family… to whom we send our sincere condolences for the loss of our treasured friend.

Below are the words offered in our ISBC Yearbook 2007, when Kate stood down from her role with the club – RIP Kate x

“This photo is offered as a tribute to our retiring Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Kate O’Callaghan; our Chairman, Brian Ross, charts Kate’s service to the ISBC committee in his report for 2007.  However, suffice to say, Kate is held in great affection by our members – not to mention a modicum of trepidation at membership renewal time if we’re late with our subs!  

We wish you a truly happy and healthy “retirement” Kate – although, somehow, I don’t think you quite understand the concept yet and we’ll still be seeing you lending a hand here and there. 

With warmest wishes from all your friends and colleagues”

“This edition of our Year Book will, as usual, be circulated to members in the early months of 2008 and by then all will be aware that Kate O’Callaghan, our Honorary Treasurer and Membership Secretary, will be retiring from the Committee at the 2008 AGM.  With 32 years unbroken service I am certain that, in terms of Committee membership, Kate is second only to Miss Sybil Lennox. 

Kate first joined the Committee in 1976, at which time I had been on the Committee for two years and was therefore one of those delighted to welcome and work with her until work commitments made it necessary for me to resign in 1979.  From the outset, Kate was ready to take on any task and very quickly became Cup and Diploma Secretary – a job she carried out until she succeeded Jennie Lee (known to everyone these days as Jennie Reed, our legal adviser) as Honorary Treasurer in 1981.  At this time the role of Membership Secretary was a separate function until Kate volunteered to add it to her existing role in 1983.  It is important to remember that at this time, with the rapidly growing popularity of the breed, our membership was also increasing very fast bringing with it a substantial increase in workload for Kate.  Typically, not satisfied with this, Kate added to her multi-tasking by taking on and significantly developing the Club’s sales activities.  It will come as no surprise that the Committee has decided to split the three roles after Kate’s departure in order to encourage others to volunteer for them!!

How does one summarise the vast contribution Kate has made to the ISBC over a complete generation?  One can only admire and celebrate her dedication and commitment to our breed and Club.  She joined the Committee when Chris Tonkyn was Chairman and has seen six chairmen before me come and go in the intervening years.  By a happy coincidence, I was present when she joined the Committee and am delighted to be in the Chair at this time to have the honour of thanking her for her total dedication to serving the Club.  I am sure members will enjoy memories evoked by the photo montage tribute assembled by Sandy Waterton appearing in this issue.

Of course, being Kate, she has not totally retired as she will be taking on the role of Treasurer of the ISBC Rescue Sub-Committee.”

Kate never forgot her friends… and, right up until she went into hospital I, and I’m sure many others, enjoyed a weekly chat on the phone with her – what a wonderful lady.

Brian Ross (Hon President ISBC)

Brian McAvoy 06.06.55 -23.08.18
Mr Brian McAvoy (Cymbeline)

Brian McAvoy

06.06.55 -23.08.18

We are so very sad to share the news of Brian McAvoy’s passing. He was an inspiration to many , his friendliness and knowledge of both working and show Irish Setters were both freely given. He will be sorely missed. Our sincere condolences to Brian’s brother Bill and his Mother June and to all who knew this kind and thoughtful Gentleman.

Mrs Brenda Levick (Corrieacas)

We are saddened to report the sudden death of Mrs. Brenda Levick of the notable Corriecas kennel on Thursday 25th January at the age of 82 years. The Corriecas kennel was established in 1963 and older exhibitors will remember her success with Sh. Ch. Corriecas Fagan, culminating in winning Reserve Best in Show at Crufts in 1983, no mean feat at that time.

Recently Brenda was obliged to go into a nursing home due to frailty, but was visited quite regularly by friends who took their Irish Setters for Brenda to admire. Brenda never lost her love for the breed and during these visits would proudly show off the dogs to her fellow residents.

With Deepest Sympathy to her Family and Friends

Geoff Coupe (Timadon)

The world of Setters has lost a a great supporter , the death has been announced of Geoff Coupe on 17.02.2017

Both Geoff and his late wife Alicia were active in many areas. Geoff had been Secretary of Setter & Pointer from 1975 -2003. He was President of the ISAE from 2002.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him

Arthur Briggs (Dorred)

It is with regret that we report the death of Lifetime member of the  ISBC Arthur Briggs (Dorred) He had been in poor health for some time

Arthur will be remembered for his service to the Club as Chairman from 1983 -1987 and activity with wife Doreen in their interest in the breed.

Our sincere Condolences go to his Family and many friends within Irish Setters.

Mr Andrew Begg
Andrew Begg (Muharraq)

It is with deep regret we report that Andrew passed away after a long illness during the evening of 20th November.  Andrew Hay Begg BSc was born in 1944 in Oban, his parents were Glaswegian but his early years were spent in Cornwall.  His family moved to Southampton when Andy was 9 years old, and he was then educated at Taunton Grammar School.  He was a keen footballer playing for Southampton F.C. Youth Teams as a goalkeeper.  He remained a keen football supporter all his life. 

After leaving school he joined the Ordnance Survey, and while working there he obtained his two degrees.  It was at this time that he first met Angela who he subsequently married.  They had one son Alistair. 

Their interest in Irish Setters started in the 1970’s, and Andrew very shortly became a regular Ring Steward, and at times he gave training classes to other potential Stewards.  However, he also showed Irish Setters, and more laterally his most successful was Show Champion and South African Show Champion “Kirkavagh Kandy” and her daughter South African Show Champion “Muharraq Overberg”. 

During the 1990’s he became Chairman of The South of England Irish Setter Club and Romsey Canine Society.  He gained status as a Championship Show Judge, and awarded tickets on several occasions.  He was also a member of The Kennel Club.

After Angela’s death in 1998, he met Susan Morris in the following year.  Together they moved to South Africa where they continued showing before they returned to the United Kingdom in 2012 when they married in September 14th.  Sadly, shortly afterwards Andrew was diagnosed with cancer. Susan supported Andrew through his long and arduous battle against the disease, still managing to attend a few local shows together. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Beryl Bugden
Beryl Bugden (Duncarreg)

We are so very sad to announce the death of Beryl Bugden (Duncarreg) after a long illness . Her family were at her bedside when she passed.Beryl founded Pointer Rescue but she always had a space for an Irish Setter in her life as well as some beautiful Whippets and Vizslas. Our deepest condolences go to her family including daughter, Gina Williams who continues the rescue work. arrangements Hereford crematorium, Westfaling Street, Hereford HR4 0JE on Friday 16th September at 3.45pm,  family flowers only please.

MABEL COULTER ( Lurgavon ) 05/07/1929 - 23/07/2016
MABEL COULTER ( Lurgavon )

With great sadness we report the passing of Mabel Coulter in Northern Ireland following a short illness.

It is with great sadness and heartfelt loss,of our dear friend and mentor, Mabel Coulter that we write this.
Mabel died 23/7/16 following a short illness,having celebrated her 87 th birthday  on the 5/7/16.
There were three things Mabel held very dear  her family, her dogs and her close friends.
She was immensely proud of her children Wilson ,Billy and Meta and her many grandchildren  revelling in their achievements. The highlight of her week was a Thursday visit to her three great grandchildren who affectionately called her ” grand gran”.
Mabel was born into a farming family,in Newtownhamilton on 5/7/1929, from which her love of animals stemmed.
She had a wealth of experience and knowledge of dogs having owned,bred and shown  under her Lurgavon affix,German Shepherds,Cavaliers, Poodles,and Cairns but is probably best known for her Yorkshire Terriers and beloved Irish Setters.
Indeed it was through her Irish Setters that we first got to know Mabel.
Based on Cornevon Lines, Lurgavon setters were renowned for their sound movement and good temperament, traits she was always very proud of and endeavoured to maintain in her breeding programme.
Her dogs have been used as a foundation for many kennels here and abroad.Indeed one ended up in the Palace of Sudan Hussain.
Mabel enjoyed the show scene  where she could be seen sporting her red blazer in the Irish and Yorkie rings, until very recently, her last show she attended being Banbridge this year as a spectator, the last one she exhibited at was the Northern Ireland Gundog of the Year, where her beloved Ringo (Irish Sh Ch Lurgavon Ringleader JunCh Cw’08)was 3rd in Veteran. Mabel was also qualified to judge many breeds and awarded CC’s in Irish Setters.
She was highly respected in the dog world, forthright and honest in all her ways, with a wicked sense of humour and a quick wit.
Gillian and I had many a laugh at shows with her, we have missed her presence over the last year, but telephone calls were always the norm on a Saturday and Sunday to keep her in the know.
Always one of the first to encourage and help new exhibitors and impart some of her vast knowledge and experience Mabel was passionate about her Irish Setters.
I feel privileged to have owned and bred from the Lurgavon lines the basis of my Edenaveys kennel.
To us Mabel was more than a friend, she was part of our family and will be greatly missed. We are grateful to her family for allowing us the opportunity to visit Mabel yesterday. We wish to express our sincere condolences to her time at this sad time.

Karen McKelvey & Gillian Sterritt

Christine Heron (Caskeys)

We are sad to report the death of Christine Heron (Caskeys)

A forthright lady who will be missed by all who knew her. She fought her battle against Cancer with fortitude and courage.

Our condolences to her husband Bob and daughter Fiona.

Our thoughts go to her worldwide friends , of which she had many, at this sad time

James S F Smith (Reddins)
James S F Smith (Reddins)

It is with sadness that we record the passing of Jim Smith, our deepest sympathy goes to his wife Priscilla and to his many friends world wide.

Rose Magee (Jonromac)

“ John Magee writes:

My Mother, Rose Magee, passed away Tuesday 12th January in Cambridge (aged 96) and, as per her wish, she has returned to Medway for cremation Monday 8th February at 11.15.  Mum had Irish Setters in her life for over 60 years and attended many shows with me through the years; she is “ro” in the Jonromac affix, my Dad being “mac”.

All donations to The Irish Setter Breeders Club Rescue Scheme c/o John Weir Funeral Directors, 130-132 High Street, Rainham, Kent ME8 8AR. (01634 373111) ”

Ruth Ellis (Brayville)

“It is with great sadness that I must inform everyone that Ruth Ellis passed away on Monday 15th December.  She had been in intensive care at the Royal Berkshire Hospital for the previous two  weeks.   There will be a short service at Caversham Crematorium at 2.15pm on 5th January.  Her husband John would like everyone to know that he is not encouraging people to attend.

Ruth has been connected with South of England Irish Setter Club for many years and was always a staunch supporter even though she was no longer our Treasurer or on the committee. She was well known for her Brayville Irish Setters and bred several Show Champions.“

Meg Webb

Deb Bouttell (Ixia)

So very sad to hear of Deb Bouttell’s (Ixia) passing on 23.09.15. This amazingly strong lady had been plagued by heart failure for some years and had defied all the expert medical prognoses with an indomitable spirit.  She and husband Bob, who also has been unwell for some time, were a source of constant encouragement for daughter Hannah and their dogs, and they could both be seen trundling along in matching motorised buggies at the shows.  Our sympathy goes out to Bob, daughter Hannah and husband James, son Ben and his wife Nina, who have all been such a wonderful support for each other.

“The family would  like to thank everyone for their support and kindness – it really does make all the difference. 

Deb Bouttell’s Funeral took place on Wednesday 7th October at 3.15pm at The Wessex Vale Crematorium .

Ray Hurll (Carramore)

It is with sadness that I record the passing of Ray Hurll, husband to Maureen on the morning of Monday the 24th of August 2015 after a long illness patiently endured. Maureen and Ray had married in 1952 and together had enjoyed the company of many Irish Setters under the Carramore affix. Ray had also been Treasurer of the Irish Setter Rescue Group Charitable Trust for some time, supporting Maureen in her dedication to helping Irish Setters in distress. Ray and Maureen had always valued their dogs as part of their family and on one occasion when a determined overseas buyer had asked Ray to name his price for a particularly loved dog he had replied with remarkable good humour and wit that “Maureen would rather sell me, before she sold the dog”. He will be missed.

Maureen would like to thank all those who sent cards, letters and flowers.


Liz passed away on Tuesday 30th December, she had Irish Setters for many years and had served as a committee member of the South of England Irish Setter Club for some years.
The last litter that she bred was by Marquis and produced Pheanna of Clonageera dam of Am.Ch. Pure Geniuse (Jason), of whom she was very proud. . In later years she went into Poms.Our deepest sympathy goes to to her family at this sad time : From Pat Rutherford (Clonageera)

Funeral Arrangements

Liz’s funeral is on Tuesday the 20th January at the Yeovil Crematorium (BA20 2EJ)  at

No flowers please, donations to the ISBC Rescue in her memory.


John Morely (Kylenoe)

We are extremely sad to announce the passing of this dear friend of the Club . John was laid to rest in his beloved Derbyshire at the end of April.

He was a stoic and loving support to wife Wendy to whom we offer our deepest condolences.

John Quinn (Wickenberry)
Our thoughts go to John’s wife Jean and their son John at this sad time.John Quinn (Wickenberry) was a quiet man who enjoyed and shared love of the Irish Setter with Jean. Never in the spotlight but never the less a strong support he will be greatly missed by family and friends
Pauline Perriam (Elaphill)
With regret at her passing we record the death of Pauline Perriam (Elaphill).Pauline had geat affection and knowledge of Irish Setters and was a founder memeber and President of the Irish Red and White Setter Club.Our condolences to her family and many friends
Ivor Gittings (Roftmar)

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Ivor Gittins (Roftmar)

Ivor was proud to be President of the Irish Setter Club of Wales and had been an enthusiast of the breed for over 50 years, although a nonagenarian Ivor was still very active within the breed. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Our deepest condolences go to Ivor’s wife Margaret.

Funeral Arrangements:

Thursday 5th February at 2.00 pm at Christchurch, Chapel Street, Oswestry, SY11 1JN and afterwards at the Wynnstay Hotel, Church Street, Oswestry.

John Powis (Amberwave)

It is with regret that we mark the passing of John Powis (Amberwave) on 17th October 2014.

Our thoughts are with John’s wife Maggie and their family at this very sad time.

It was John’s express wish to have a family and close friends only gathering to say farewell.

His family have requested no flowers, but if you would like to make a donation to MacMillan cancer care in John’s memory please send a cheque made payable to ‘Macmillan Cancer Care’, to David Bell, Heathfield, Pound Green, Button Oak, Bewdley, Worc. DY12 3LL

Mary Duncan (Tyndrum)

We record the sad passing of Mary Duncan on the 10th September. Friends and family gathered to say a last farewell at Kings Lynn Crematorium on the 10th September 2014.

Mrs Pat Rhodes (Fearnley)
Mrs Pat Rhodes (Fearnley)
Mrs Pat Rhodes (Fearnley)

We are saddened to report the passing of Pat Rhodes , we offer our sincere condolences to her family and to her many friends.

The following Obituary by James F Smith  not only catalogues her wonderful career with Irish Setters but shows us a glimpse of her character and warm and caring nature. She will be missed.


How saddened my wife and I were to learn of Pat’s sudden death on July 12th 2014.  Many in this breed and indeed in other breeds will I know mourn the passing of this fine lady.

As I sit here and write obituary notes about Pat Rhodes, my overwhelming feeling is the loss of someone we valued and cherished as a friend – not so much the well known “Irish Setter Dog Breeder and Judge” – but Pat the pretty, charming, considerate lady who one was always pleased to see.  She was warm and affectionate as a person and a delight to talk to.  On Irish Setters particularly her knowledge was profound and deep based upon many years of loving, owning, breeding and judging.  In other words a complete understanding of what an “Irish Setter” should be, and this knowledge which can only be acquired this way is so precious in maintaining a breed.  The Fearnley Kennel bitch lines almost always invariably pleased me personally and I felt therein lay the strength of the “Kennel”.  Our association with Pat and her late husband Barry goes back to the 1970’s.  Pat and Barry’s close association with Leeds City and District C.A. goes back many years probably to the 1960’s.  Their family home was at Otley, not so very far from Harewood House and the Leeds Championship showground.  Pat’s committee associations apart from Leeds, were with Setter and Pointer Club and the Irish Setter Association (England).  She judged Irish Setters at the Crufts Centenary show in 1991. This was the second time she had judged Irish at Crufts.  She was a member of the Kennel Club from 1979 (74) and judged the Gundog Group at Crufts in 2004.  She judged extensively in the UK breeds within the gundog group, Irish Setters, English Setters, Gordon Setters, Irish Red and White Setters, Welsh Springer Spaniels and Pointers . 

Pat had been involved with dogs for most of her life.  Both Pat and Barry grew up with dogs around them.  Pat initially with Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels and Barry with Spaniels I believe.  In 1961 began their all consuming involvement with Irish Setters which never wavered or changed from that point onwards to the present day.  They went on to win top honours at home and abroad for their “Fearnley” breeding in Irish Setters and Welsh Springer Spaniels.  Over the years Pat and Barry showed to distinction many Show Champions.  Apart from the lovely Fearnley bitches Pat will always be associated with a previous breed record holder Sh. Ch. Sowerhill Satyr of Fearnley bred by Olwen Hunt who won 31 CC’s and Sh. Ch. Fearnley Fire Hurricane. Both these dogs appear in the background pedigrees of not only the Fearnley’s but many other pedigrees of dogs shown today. The affix “Fearnley” derives I believe from a Yorkshire Cloth Mill family name and was indeed Barry’s second Christian name.

Pat first awarded CC’s in Irish setters in 1972.  Her International experience dates from 1973, having judged in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Ireland and the USA.  In 1985 Pat judged the Gundog Group at the World Show in Holland.  In 2000 she judged in Sydney Australia and Auckland in New Zealand.  Pat’s contribution to the breed of Irish setters is considerable and is there to be witnessed in many pedigrees.

As I began by saying, Pat’s CV in pedigree dogs is illustrious to say the least and that is a matter of breed history and records.  It is impressive in itself, but for the writer it is Pat, the charming, friendly, affectionate lady who we mourn and will miss.  We shall hold that memory with affection, as will many others, particularly perhaps those in the setter world and Leeds City and District committee members who have been associated for so many years.  She was an honorary life member of Yorkshire Gundog Society, Leeds City and District C. A. and earlier this year was made an honorary life member of the Kennel Club.

Quite apart from all this legacy of success in the world of dogs, Pat and Barry stood at the centre of a family with Louise, Sally and Johnny as their children and in turn their grand children.  Pat was widowed and lost Barry some 20 years ago.  Since that time she was central to the family unit as a loving mother and grandmother.  There was certainly “life after dogs” as they say.  I know I speak on behalf of scores when I say she will be sadly missed. Hopefully you can deduce from these words in tribute I held her in high regard.  The many lovely Irish setters bred at the Fearnley  kennels  did much to sustain and enhance this breed.

lf you look at a photograph of Pat you see her nature and kindness etched on her lovely face and countenance.  It was always so and whatever the frailties which come to all with old age she never appeared or struck me as “old”. She had too much life and character in her to give that impression.  We saw her twice and spent time talking with her in the past 12 months.  She seemed well and happy and as always that lovely smile.  Ironically it was only last month she sent us a card which explains why her sudden passing did come as a shock.  As I write I did not even know her age…but then again does it really matter?  Very few possess this gift for seeming “timeless”.

To her son and daughters, Johnny, Louise and Sally go our sincere condolences and to her seven   grandchildren and two great grand sons who I am sure will find the loss of their grandmother difficult and so sad.

The funeral was held at the Parish Church of St. Giles, Bramhope on Monday 28th July at 12 noon followed by a wake at the Roebuck, Otley where the family welcomed over 170 of Pat’s friends to share some food, memories and one last glass of gin and tonic in her honour.


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