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Kate O'Callaghan Memorial Show 21/07/19
(Formerly Named The Southern Open Show)
Our Judges CV

The Kate O’Callaghan memorial open show –
It’s always nice to know a little about our judges and for Ruth Lewis dogs have been a lifelong passion. We asked her to write a few words about her life with dogs:-

The first dogs I remember growing up with were our lovely French Bulldogs, back in the 1970’s no one knew what breed they were, how times have changed. I first saw Irish Setters through our close family friends, Julie and Bob Hammond. They owned and showed a Tyrocoll dog called Ben and a Westerhuys bitch called Muffet. While the ‘grown ups’ would sit and chat every Friday night I would cuddle Ben and Muffet and that’s, I think, when I first fell in love with our beautiful breed.

Julie started taking me to dog shows and I first started to show our Frenchies then I started showing Ben in the Junior Handling classes and we had some great successes. In the 1980’s Both the Irish Setter breed classes and the handling classes had huge numbers of entries and it was an achievement just to get short listed, but I loved it. In 1983 Julie bred her westerhuys bitch to the Handsome SH CH Kerryfair Nightfever( one of his first litters). I was extremely lucky to pick ‘my Archie’. He meant everything to me. He taught me so much and we learnt together. I will never forget the day he won his first CC and BIS at the SEISC show in a massive entry. He later went on to win his title and became SH CH Royal Archer.

I was 18 years old when I first started judging and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge as I still do to this day. I have trained two of my Irish to a high standard in obedience. They do have beauty and brains, well maybe not all of them!!! I have owned Irish for over 30 years but in that time I have never had a huge amount. what with work and bringing up 3 beautiful daughters I haven’t been able to continuously campaign my dogs but I am very proud to have other Stud Book winners and a JW holder. My eldest daughter has been showing since a young age with great success and now my twin girls have started showing in the handling classes. I’m a very proud mum. Thank you to the ISBC for my invitation to judge at their show. I’m looking forward to the day.

Judge:- Ruth Lewis (Valasarch)

Judge- Mrs Ruth Lewis (Valasarch)

Best In Show-           Russell`s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli JW

Res Best In Show-    Gratton`s ShCh Bardonhill Floating Moon Into Glenlaine JW ShCM

Best Dog-                  Russell`s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli JW

Res Best Dog-           Gratton`s ShCh Bardonhill Floating Moon Into Glenlaine JW ShCM

Best Bitch (BOS)-     Hall`s Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara JW

Res Best Bitch-          Bott`s  Bardonhill Ice Ice Icicle JW

Best Veteran-             Gratton`s ShCh Bardonhill Floating Moon Into Glenlaine JW ShCM

Best Puppy-               Humphreys Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas

MPD- No Entries


1. (36)Humphreys Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas

2. (49)Randle`s Alolfrana Lady Million At Rionore

3. (7)  Bell`s Balintyne Let It Be Me

PD- No Entries


1. (36)Humphreys Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas

2. (12)Bott`s Bardonhill River Of Stars

3. (14)Ciechonska`s Gwendariff Smart Move Back To Aoibheanne

4. (7)Bell`s Balintyne Let It Be Me

5. (19)Deans Tagamago`s Niamh


1. (29)Gratton`s Bardonhill Dont Stop Me Now

2. (45)Need`s Covarney Paco Rabanne

1. (9)Bott`s Bardonhill Somebody To Love
2. (5)Barnes Gwendariff Lets Look At Me
3. (56)Weller`sBardonhill A Kind Of Magic With Juldeane
4. (38)Kennedy Sloane`s Twoacres Destiny
5. (41)Millington`s Lanstara Scarlet Ribbons
1. (4)Bailey`s Danaway Desert Song
1.(5)Barnes Gwendariff Lets Look At Me
2.(25)Fox`s Kerryfair Special Diamond
1. (18)Corless`s Swiftlark Second To NoneWith Magembay
1.(9) Bott`s Bardonhill Somebody To Love
2. (20)Deans Tagamagos Nessa
3. (19)Deans Tagamagos Niamh
1. (29)Gratton and Bott`s Bardonhill Dont Stop Me Now
2. (18)Coreless`s Swiftlark Second To None With Magembay
1. (55)Walters Bardonhill Poetry In Motion With Deneil
2. (41)Millington`s Lanstara Scarlet Ribbons
3. (17)Coreless`s Swiftlark Second Nature
4. (57)Wiggins Tremonisha Fuchsia
1. (50)Russell`s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli JW
2. (10)Bott`s Bardonhill Pearly Spencer
3. (23)Foster`s Goldnavarm Endurance At Shanoah
4. (46)Poole`s Teleri Summer Nights (ai)
5. (22)Fitzmaurice`s Harreds Trooper
1. (31)Hall`s Glennara Cilleigne Dervia JW (imp)
2. (17)Coreless`s Swiftlark Second Nature
3. (57)Wiggins Tremonisha Fuchsia
1. (51)Russell`s Strathhmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli
2. (15)Corless`s Swiftlark First Knight
3. (35)Hoskins Sandstream Just A Breeze With Ralphski
1. (11)Bott`s Bardonhill Ice Ice Icicle JW
1. (2)Axon`s Brinara Private Eye
1. (32)Hall`s Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara
2. (6)Bell`s Balintyne Say You Say Me
3. (21)Elkins Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avocet
OD- No Entries
1. (16)Corless`s Swiftlark First Lady
2. (26)Fox`s Millcroft Bubbling Moon
1. (28)Gratton`s ShCh Bardonhill Floating Moon Into Glenlaine JW ShCM
2. (24)Foster`s Millcroft Chase The Moon To Shanoah
3. (1)Axon`s Brinara Back In The Running
VB- No Entries
Special Beginners Dog Or Bitch-(4)
1. (25)Fox`s Kerryfair Special Diamond
2. (15)Coreless`s Swiftlark First Knight
3. (57)Tremonisha Fuchsia
4. (22)Harreds Trooper
1. Coreless`s Brace
Judges Critique
I would like to say a big thank you to the Officers and Committee for my invitation to judge at their well ran open show and the 1st Kate O’Callaghan Memorial show. A special lady who loved our breed. To my stewards Jo-Anne and Gaye who kept it running smoothly and to the exhibitors who entered their lovely Irish. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.
3 promising babies. The first two being litter sisters.
1st Humphreys Alolfrana Miss Daisey at Henaleas. Very pretty and elegant baby who moved out well and enjoyed her day. She has a lovely head with that look of mischievous in her eyes. Good fore chest and spring of rib for one so young. She has a feminine and clean outline, nicely angulated rear with a good width of thigh. She looks most promising. BPB and BPIS.
2nd Randles Alolfrana Lady Million at Rionore. Slightly larger framed than her sister but she too has a lovely outline. Such a pretty expression, her neck leads smoothly into nicely angulated shoulders, firm top line and good rear end.
3rd Bells Balintyne Let It Be Me.
Again 3 promising girls.
1st Humphreys Alolfrana Miss Daisey at Henaleas
2nd Botts Bardonhill River of Stars. Longer coupled bitch but is balanced and full of quality. I loved her head and expression with the desired raised brows. Her neck flows cleanly into lovely shoulders, great length and return of upper arm. In lovely coat and condition and well made all through.
3rd Ciechonskas Gwendariff Smart Move Back to Aoibheanne.
1st Gratton/Botts Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now
2nd Needs Covarney Paco Rabanne.
Two lovely young boys. Both have lovely bone and clean outlines and are well made all through. Don’t Stop Me Now is shorter coupled and very together. He has lost some weight and looks better for it. He has a lovely shaped head but would like more brow. Rabanne has a handsome head and an eye catching outline but unfortunately he played up on the move today. I think he just wanted to have a play. Both boys were in lovely muscle condition.
1st Botts Bardonhill Somebody to Love. Sister to JD winner . She has a pleasing head with a delightful expression. Clean in outline and well laid shoulders with good depth of brisket and spring of ribs. Well developed first and second thigh. She is lovely to go over and moved out well.
2nd Barnes Gwendariff Lets Look At Me. And why not, she has a lovely racy and feminine outline. Her head is balanced and she looks at you through very kind eyes. Lovely fore hand and depth of chest. Her top line is firm and gently sloping to balanced rear quarters which helped her move well.
3rd Wellers Bardonhill A Kind Of Magic with Juldeane.
1st Baileys Danaway Desert Song. Strongly built boy. He has a balanced head with a kind and handsome expression. For me he scores in front assembly, especially Sternum. He is deep chested with plenty of lung room. Sloping top line and strong rear quarters. In lovely coat and condition. He moved soundly but needed to be moved faster.
1st Barnes Gwendariff Lets Look at Me.
2nd Foxs Kerryfair Special diamond. She has the most gorgeous expression, such a kind face. Glad to see she has lost some weight which has benefitted her. She is heavier than 1 but still feminine. She has nice shoulders, good depth of chest and good ribs. Lovely width of thigh helping her to move well.
1st Corless Swiftlark Second to None with Magembay. He has a balanced head, dark eyes and good ear set. His coat is dark and he is racy in outline. Today he did not move well and seemed unsettled.
1st Botts Bardonhill Somebody To Love
2nd Deans Tagamagos Nessa. Just out of puppy. She has a sweet expression. She is built on racy lines with a straight silky coat, she is very raw and needs time.
3rd Deans Tagamagos Niamh.
1st Gratton/Botts Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now.
2nd Corless Swiftlark Second To None with Magembay
1st Walters Bardonhill Poetry In Motion with Deneil. Shapely girl in lovely condition. Very pretty with dark expressive eyes. Her head is nicely chiselled. Good neck clean over the shoulders. Good depth of brisket and nicely angulated quarters. She played up on the move, but I saw just enough soundness to win the class.
2nd Millingtons Lanstara Scarlett Ribbons. Lighter in coat than one. She has a pretty head and soft expression. Feminine and nicely put together.
3rd Corless Swiftlark Second Nature.
1st Russells Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli JW. You need to go over this boy to appreciate his qualities, he is not flashy but a good honest dog. He has a very handsome head, long and lean with raised brows and kind dark eyes. His shoulders are well placed with good return of upper arm, straight front with plenty of fore chest and deep brisket. There is nothing exaggerated about him and appealed to me for his balance and outline. His rear quarters are well angulated and not overdone in anyway with well developed first and second thighs which allowed him to move smoothly and soundly with style. I was so pleased to award him BD and then BIS, Well Done.
2nd Botts Bardonhill Pearly Spencer. Really liked him as a puppy and he is maturing nicely. Immaculately presented in lovely coat and condition. Attractive head with dark eyes. He scores in front assembly with plenty of depth. He is well put together and again not exaggerated. He just needs time to balance up.
3rd Fosters Goldnavarm Endurance at Shanoah.
1st Halls Glennara Cilleigne Dervia. IMP JW. Liked her feminine and balanced head. She has a pretty and soft expression. Good depth of brisket and spring of ribs. She is balanced and well put together but does not show herself off and loses her top line now and again. If only she would try a little harder, but today she did move the best in the class.
2nd Corless Swiftlark Second Nature. Balanced head with raised brows. Shorter coupled bitch with a firm sloping outline but needs more body and condition.
3rd Wiggins Tremonisha Fuchsia
1st Russells Strathmead Huckleberry of settesoli. Handsome boy with a balanced head but would like more work in it. Clean over the shoulders with very good front assembly and depth of chest. Strong in loin and presented a pleasing picture, not over done in any way. He moved well to win the class.
2nd Corless Swiftlark First Knight. Racier in outline than one. Firm sloping top line with a pleasing outline but would like more muscle tone and condition.
3rd Hoskins Sandstream Just A Breeze with Ralphski
1st Botts Bardonhill Ice Ice Icicle.JW. Have always like her from judging her as a puppy. A lady full of quality. She has such a pretty expression with a glint in her eyes under soft brows. Very clean in outline no lumps or bumps. She excels in front assembly and matching rear quarters. She is so balanced with great muscle tone, bone and substance. Lovely to go over and moved well on a loose lead. Res Best Bitch.
Limit D (3,2)
1st Axons Brinara Private Eye. He has a handsome head which is balanced with low ear set, strong neck leading to moderate shoulders. Straight front with good bone and substance. Strongly made all through and moved soundly.
Limit B(4,1)
1st Halls Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara. Really lovely lady. She has the most pretty and kind expression. Her elegant neck leads cleanly into lovely shoulders and return of upper arm. She has plenty of fore chest with great depth too. Her top line is strong and sloping, she is balanced and shapely. She is sometimes overstretched but she has strong and nicely angulated rear quarters. She moved well and freely to win Best Bitch, but in the challenge later she really didn’t want to move in the heat so had to settle for BOS in show.
2nd Bells Ballintyne Say You Say Me. Straighter coated elegant bitch. Very attractive expression. Moderate neck clean over the shoulders but not as angulated as one and longer coupled but she is balanced with a good spring of rib and moved out well.
3rd Elkins Twoacres Promise of Spring with Avacet
Open D(0)
Open B (2)
1st Corless Swiftlark First Lady. She is racier than 2. She has a nice head, clean neck which lead into moderate shoulders. Straight front, she is well proportioned with nothing exaggerated and she moved well.
2nd Foxs Millcroft Bubbling Moon. She has a lovely head and expression again nothing exaggerated about her. Nicely constructed fore hand with good depth and body properties but didn’t want to move today.
Veteran D(3) Three lovely gentlemen
1ST Grattons SH CH Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine. JW SH.CM. He is one of my favourites. I gave him BOB as a youngster and my opinion has not changed. He is nearly 10 years old and looked beautiful today. I appreciated the work put into his presentation today. I Love his head which has now been enhanced by his grey hairs. He has an eyecatching outline and covers the ground when standing and moving. He is lovely to go over with a very sound fore hand and matching rear quarters. He totally enjoyed his day and moved so soundly with animation around the ring on a loose lead. I couldn’t deny him BVIS ,Res Best Dog and Res BIS.
2nd Fosters Millcroft chase the Moon to Shanoah. Dark coated handsome boy built on racier lines than 1. His head is handsome, long and lean. He looks at you with a soft expression. His shoulders are well placed and clean. His top line is strong and gently slopes, firm loin and shapely well developed quarters, but another that didn’t want to move today.
3rd Axons Brinara Back in the Running.
Veteran B(0)
SB D/B (4)
1st foxs Kerryfair Special Diamond
2nd Corless Swiftlark First Knight
3rd Wiggins Tremonisha Fuchsia
1st Corless Very well matched pair. As soon as they entered the ring I noticed they were so similar in make and shape. They were like peas in a pod and turned out to be brother and sister. Both moved well together. Well done for controlling the pair.
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