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CLAD – a reminder of the control scheme agreed jointly by representatives of all of the lrish Setter breed clubs and the Kennel Club: 

From July 1st 2000 all Irish Setters used for breeding should be either hereditarily clear of CLAD or have a CLAD DNA test before they are used for breeding. 

Identified carriers can be used for breeding, but they should only be mated to a dog that is either hereditarily clear of CLAD or one that has DNA tested clear of CLAD; carriers should not be mated to carriers. 

All of the registered offspring of a carrier mated to a clear should be clearly identified, DNA tested and 
registered as either tested clear or carrier.

From 1st July 2005 the Kennel Club will only register Irish Setters that are proven clear of the CLAD mutation, either by direct DNA testing or by virtue of having parents that are proven to be clear of the CLAD mutation (i.e. hereditarily clear). 
No carriers will be registered after June 30th 2005. 

The following Information has been provided by Diana Nicholson of the Kennel Club Registration Department:

If you need to update your registration documentation to show CLAD status, for example for dogs registered prior to January 2000 for whom a CLAD result is now relevant, you may apply to the Kennel Club for a revised certificate which will show the result of CLAD testing. Breeders should send in the original registration certificate to have a revised one issued free of charge.

The CLAD status of any registered dog can be given over the telephone by a Kennel Club Information Officer.

Our Health Co-ordinator is:- Jo-Anne Parsons.

Contact :- Jo-Anne Parsons 01376 749586

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