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ISBC Open Show 2021
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Judge- Miss Chloe Green (Glencarron)

Best In Show-           Elkins`s Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet

Res Best In Show-    Danks-Kemmish`s ShCh Alolfrana Hotter Than You Know JW Shcex

Best Dog-                  Danks-Kemmish`s ShCh Alolfrana Hotter Than You Know JW Shcex

Res Best Dog-           Stockton`s Gwendariff  D`Ya Think I`m Fab For Kespas JW

Best Bitch                 Elkins`s Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet

Res Best Bitch-          Bouttell`s Ixia Rainbow Bright

Best Veteran-             Blackshaw`s Lanstara Spring Star JW

Best Puppy-               Heather`s Sixoaks My Fair Lady

MPD- (2,1a)

  1. Corless`s Swiftlark Invincible


1. Corless`s Swiftlark Illustrious

2. Kassube & French`s Twoacres Chocolate Delight

PD- (3,1a)

1. Gratton`s Glenlaine Moonstone

2. Corless`s Swiftlark Illustrious


1. Heather`s Sixoaks My Fair Lady

2. Corless`s Swiftlark Illustrious

3. Pallister`s Penwyn Keeping Faith

4. Kassube & French`s Twoacres Chocolate Delight

5. Jones`s Wenflaen Deja Vu


1. Richardson`s Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows

2. Berry`s Brinara Country Boy

3. Tye`s Blazing Bronze Join The Chase (Imp Ned)

1. Box`s Fernstart Hearts Delight
2. Hall`s Harreds Daisie
3. Adamson-Watt`s Alolfrana Scandalous
4. Holehan`s Loganrish Taste Of Diamonds
5. Bott`s Bardonhill Woven In Gold
1. McCulloch`s Shenanagin Oh Oh Seven
1. Williamson`s Bluesprings A Kind Of Magic At Keljaru
2. Bouttell`s Ixia Snow Vixen
3. Gomez`s Gwendariff Picknmix
4. Luto`s Rappatty Pippittypop
1. Walker`s Gwendariff`s Flags Are Flyin
2. McCulloch`s Shenanagin Oh Oh Seven
3. Cohen`s Lynwood Merry May King With Shushana
4. Berry`s Brinara Country Boy
5. Gilks`s Suteresett Mr Mistoffelees At Gochmawr
1. Bouttell`s Ixia Snow Vixen
2. Box`s Fernstart Hearts Delight
3. Hall`s Harreds Daisie
4. Heather`s Sixoaks My Fair Lady
5. Bott`s Bardonhill Woven In Gold
1. Webb & Danks-Kemmish`s Alolfrana Azzaro Beside Redeshka (Aw1)
2. Dods`s Bardonhill Any Dream Will Do
3. Walker`s Gwendariff`s Flags Are Flyin
4. Cohen`s Lynwood Merry May King With Shushana
5. Hughes`s Gwendariff Plays The Flute
1. Luto`s Rappaty Star Turn
2. Harreds Sophie At Danbryeli
1. Davison Bardonhill You Dont Fool Me
2. Gisby`s Suteresett Rum Tum Tugger
3. Holehan`s Loganrish Lets Go Crazy
4. Deighton`s Oakdene Schiehallion (impBel)
5. Dods`s Bardonhill Any Dream Will Do
1. Holehan`s Loganrish Diamonds N` Pearls
2. Humphreys`s Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas JW
3. Muir`s Gwendariff`s Up To Somethin
4. Robinson`s Lanstara Red Dress
5. Borthwick`s Lotushill Scotch And Wry
1. Tupper`s Staratlanta Shankly`s Fire
1. Wilson`s Pawsword Promise
2. Bougen`s Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW
3. Bott`s Bardonhill Love Of My Life
4. Davie`s Lochfrae Nina Simone
5. Richardson`s Brabrook True Violet For Montgreenan JW
1. Stockton`s Gwendariff D`Ya Think Im Fab For Kespas JW
2. Hall`s Harreds Trevor
3. Toms`s Clanrua Birch
1. Bouttell`s Ixia Rainbow Brite
2. McNeil & Boyd-McNeil`s Glennlokhen Deveron
3. Bougen`s Gwendariff Lily The Pink
4. Murphy`s Bel Clannrua Kerry (Ikc)
OD- (4)
1. Danks-Kemmish`s ShCh Alolfrana Hotter Than You Know JW,,Shcex
2. Russell`s Strathmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli
3. Toms`s Ir ShCh Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Ir JCh Jd
4. Corless`s Swiftlark First Knight
1. Elkin`s Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet
2. Danks-Kemmish`s Rappatty Star Light Over Alolfrana JW,
1. Tupper`s Staratlanta Elliott
VB- (6,3a)
1. Blackshaw`s Lanstara Spring Star JW
2. Dale`s Aubanjon Royal Symphony
3. French`s Ballintyne Just You Just Me
Special Beginners Dog Or Bitch-(7,4a)
1. Deighton`s Oakdene Schiehallion (imp Bel)
2. Walker`s Gwendariff`s Flags Are Flyin
3. Coreless`s Swiftlark First Knight
Judges Critique

I would like to extend a big thank you to the Irish Setter Breeders Club committee for inviting me to judge at their show. The show carried a great atmosphere, and the whole committee were very welcoming. I was delighted by the entry I received, thank you to everyone that entered and to those that brought their lovely dogs for me to assess. Thank you to Adrienne Callister and David Hemmings for their super stewarding and company.
Minor Puppy Dog (2,1a)
1st Corless’s Swiftlark Invincible. 7 month old puppy, handsome head with dark eye and prominent occipital bone. Nicely boned and well bodied for age. Smooth topline into neat taiset. In lovely coat. Moved steady.
Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Corless’s Swiftlark Illustrious. Litter sister to minor puppy dog. Nicely balanced puppy. Sweet, feminine expression with dark eye and raised brow. Nicely laid shoulders, complimenting her smooth topline and tailset. Neat feet. In lovely condition like her brother. Settled on the move. More together today than puppy placed 2nd.
2nd Kassube & French’s Twoacres Chocolate Delight. Just 6 months old and very much a baby at this stage. Sweet head with low set ears. Nicely bodied with deep chest and well ribbed back. Well angulated in forequarters with nice layback of shoulder. Happy on the move but not quite co-ordinated at the moment.
Puppy Dog (3,1a)
1st Gratton’s Glenlaine Moonstone. Appealing head and expression on this boy with lovely raised brow, and low set ears. Good reach of neck and smooth topline. Currently stronger in rear quarters. lovely coat and condition today, and showing more maturity over 2nd. Covered the ground well on the move. Best Puppy Dog.
2nd Corless’s Swiftlark Invincible
Puppy Bitch (6,1a)
1st Heather & Heather’s Sixoaks My Fair Lady
Beautiful head on this little lady. Feminine with dark eye and nice work to skull. Nicely bodied with good depth to chest and spring of rib. Well angulated in hind quarters. In lovely coat and condition. Lovely steady mover, but with attitude and character which is enjoyable to see in puppies! Pulled out all the stops today for best puppy in show.
2nd Corless’s Swiftlark Illustrious
3rd Pallister’s Penwyn Keeping Faith
Junior Dog (3)
1st Richardson’s Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows. Just newly into Junior at 12 months old. Kind expression with dark eye. Good deep chest and well sprung ribs. Holds himself a little close in front. Nice hindquarters with good bend to stifle. Good topline. His owner has him in lovely coat and condition. Moved well, although a little close on hind movement.
2nd Berry’s Brinara Country Boy. Handsome 16th month old male, and a little more mature that 1st. Preferred this gentleman’s head but preferred the darker eye of 1. Nicely raised brow and lowset ear. Nicely balanced with good topline. Not as together in front movement today and carries his tail a bit high at times.
3rd Tye’s Blazing Bronze Joins the Chase (Imp Nld)
Junior Bitch (12, 5a, 1 transferred to class 8)
1st Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight. 12 month old girl just into Junior. Lovely head with sweet expression, raised brow and good shape to skull. Well bodied for a young lady with good depth and breadth to chest. Nice smooth topline into tailset. Balanced with quality fore and aft angulation. Neat feet. Nice stride on the move, although cheeky at times! Presented in lovely condition.
2nd Hall’s Harreds Daisie. Another lovely girl, and tight decisions between 1st and 2nd. Similar marks apply. Preferred the forequarters of 1st. Lovely smooth topline and very neat at wither and tailset. Held herself nicely on the move.
3rd Adamson-Watt & Watt’s Alolfrana Scandalous
Special Yearling Dog (3,2a)
1st McCulloch’s Shenanagin Oh Oh Seven. This boy presented a soft expression, yet masculine with good depth to muzzle and lowset ear. Clean neck into nicely placed shoulders. Good forechest and deep in brisket. Nice smooth topline and neat tailset. Neat feet. Coat coming on nicely. Moved steady. Still a young man who I am sure will mature and fill out nicely.
Special Yearling Bitch (5 + 1 transferred from class 6, 2a)
1st Williamson’s Bluesprings a Kind of Magic at Keljaru. Very close decisions between 1st and 2nd. Different bitches but lots of quality in both. Very feminine lady with a lovely head. Really well put together in forequarters, with good forechest and nicely sprung ribs. Well bent stifle with good width to thigh. Coat in lovely condition. Covered the ground well with good reach and drive. Bright future ahead I am sure.
2nd Bouttell, Bouttell & Burbridge’s Ixia Snow Vixen. Really feminine throughout, with beautiful head with raised brow and sweet expression. Nicely placed neck and held her topline well on the move. Balanced. Just preferred the forequarters of 1st today. Very elegant on the move. Preferred her darker coat.
3rd Gomez’s Gwendariff Picknmix
Novice Dog (7)
1st Walker’s Gwendariff’s Flags Are Flyin. 2 year old boy. More mature than other in the class currently. Very masculine, with deep muzzle and kind expression, although preferred the head on 2. Well bodied over chest. Well-muscled quarters. Nicely balanced and not exaggerated in any way. Best mover in the class today. In beautiful coat and condition.
2nd McCulloch’s Shenanagin Oh Oh Seven
3rd Cohen’s Lynwood Merry May King with Shushana
Novice Bitch (12,7a)
1st Bouttell, Bouttell & Burbridge’s Ixia Snow Vixen
2nd Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight
3rd Hall’s Harreds Daisie
Undergraduate Dog (6,1wd)
1st Webb & Danks-Kemish’s Alolfrana Azzaro Beside Redeshka (AW1). Lovely outline on this boy, and he quickly catches your eye. Nice refined head with good length to skull and muzzle. Intelligent eye with raised brow. Complimented by lowset ears. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good forechest. Gently sloping topline and neat tailset. Nice stride on move.
2nd Dodd’s Bardonhill Any Dream Will Do. This boy’s head really appealed to me, no coarseness to his skull, nice raised brow and dark eye. He is nicely bodied with good spring of rib and well-muscled loin. Nicely angled hindquarters and gentle topline into correct tailset. Nice neat feet, and a lovely rich coat. Moved steady. Still a young dog with maturing to do to complete the picture.
3rd Walker’s Gwendariff Flags are Flyin
Undergraduate Bitch (2)
1st Luto’s Rappatty Starturn. Feminine bitch showed in lovely coat and condition. Pleasing expression, very feminine with gentle dark eye. Elegant in outline with gently sloping topine. Well angulated hind quarters with good muscle quality. Would have preferred a more laid back shoulder. Move nicely.
2nd Adam’s Harreds Sophie at Danbryeli. A different type of bitch to one, a bit more substance but not the elegance on 1. Nice raised brow with dark eye of correct shape, providing a pleasing expression. Nicely low placed ears and clean neck. Neat feet. Nice bend and stifle. A little over-conditioned today. Moved okay but not the ease of 1.
Graduate Dog (9,3a)
1st Davison’s Bardonhill You Don’t Fool Me. This boy easily catches your eye. He is presented in lovely condition, and is in good coat for his age. Handsome in skull with gentle expression, raised brow and nice refinement over muzzle. Good depth to chest and nicely ribbed back. Good placement of shoulders. Well-angled hindquarters and well-muscle. Balanced and not exaggerated in anyway. Moved well with true flowing movement.
2nd Gisby’s Suteresett Rum Tum Tugger. Close decisions between 1 and 2. This boy also possessed an attractive head, with kind eye and refined in skull. Like 1st he is nicely balanced and unexaggerated in any department. Well placed at shoulders and nice sloping topline into neat tail set. Nicely angled quarters and strong hocks. In good coat and well-conditioned. Strode out well on the move. Preferred the forequarters and overall outline of 1 today.
3rd Holehan’s Loganrish Lets Go Crazy
Graduate Bitch (15,3a)
1st Holehan’s Loganrish Diamonds N’pearls. Really loved this girls head. Dark eye, raised brow and gentle expression and nice feminine finish to muzzle. She is very balanced and elegant, with lovely sloping shoulder and well angulated rear quarters. Moved well with good stride, although a little close in hind movement. In beautiful coat and condition. Topped a nice class of girls today.
2nd Humphreys’ Alolfrana Miss Daisy at Henaleas JW. A bit more of a petit lady. Sweet feminine expression. Good layback of shoulder, with good forechest and deep brisket.
Nicely balanced, and well bent stifle. Lovely smooth topline and correct over croup into neat tailset. Move well with gentle strides. Preferred the head and elegance of 1st today.
3rd Muir’s Gwendariff’s Up To Somethin
Post Graduate Dog (3,2a)
1st Tupper’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire. Stood alone in the class today, but this gave him full use of the ring which he made good use of. Masculine skull with dark eye and kind expression, although a little heavy than my preference. Nicely low placed ears and clean in throat. Deep chested and well ribbed back. Well-muscled over loin and hind quarters. He is in full coat, which his owner keeps in lovely condition.
Post Graduate Bitch (8)
1st Wilson’s Pawsword Promise. This bitch is so honest, and I was able to mostly appreciate her when going over her. Beautiful head and expression with correct dark eye, raised brow and gentle skull. Nicely laid back shoulders, and clean over withers presenting a gently sloping topline. Well-made quarters with good muscle tone and well bent stifles. She is nicely bodied throughout with good spring of rib and in perfect condition. In lovely rich coat. Very true on the move. She caught my eye and topped a lovely class of ladies today.
2nd Bougen’s Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW. Lovely racy bitch who caught my eye in the class. She has a very pretty head with lovely dark almond eye and gently raised brow. Good reach of neck which joins so smoothly into her shoulder placement. She is very balanced, there is nothing exaggerated about her. Good width to thigh. Well-muscled and conditioned and shown in good coat. Lovely free flowing mover.
3rd Bott’s Bardonhill Love Of My Life
Limit Dog (8,5a)
1st Stockton’s Gwendariff D’ya Think I’m Fab for Kespas JW. Catches your eye with his outline. Possesses a rich coat in lovely condition. Well-muscled throughout and full of substance. Masculine head which is nicely refined with correct muzzle, kind eye and raised brow. Good return of upper arm and and well placed shoulders. Gentle topline and correct over croup. Well-muscled hind quarters which are well angulated. A steady mover with good reach and drive. A well worthy winner of reserve best dog today.
2nd Hall’s Harreds Trevor. A close 2nd, I found myself liking similar properties of 1st and 2nd. This boy also possess a masculine head which is not coarse in any way. Gently raised brow, and lovely low set ears. Nicely bodied over chest with good spring of rib. Nice clean neck and smooth topline, and well-muscled over loin. Nicely angled over hindquarters. Lovely neat toes. A true steady mover. I just found that 1st was stronger in his front angulation
3rd Toms’ Clannrua Birch
Limit Bitch (6,2a)
1st Bouttell, Bouttell & Burbridge’s Ixia Rainbow Brite. Very elegant girl who draws your attention. Beautiful head of well-proportioned properties. Such a gentle expression with gently raised brows and correct muzzle. Lovely reach of neck and very balanced in outline. Good forechest, and although feminine she has substance all through. Well angled hindquarters with good width of thigh. Well-muscled over loin and correctly placed tailset. Rich coat in lovely condition. Very true mover with good forward reach. Delighted to award her Reserve Best Bitch in a lovely line up.
2nd McNeil & Boyd-McNeil’s Glennlokhen Deveron. Very racy and elegant bitch with a balanced outline. Lovely head with soft expression, nice raise to brow and prominent occiput. Nicely muscled neck and well laid back shoulder. Good forechest and well bodied back. Nice tight toes. Strong quarters with good muscle, which allowed her to drive around the ring with very true movement. Presented in beautiful coat and condition.
3rd Bougen’s Gwendariff Lily the Pink
Open Dog (4)
1st Danks-Kemish’s ShCh Alolfrana Hotter Than U’know JW ShCM ShCEX. Lovely boy in full maturity. Masculine but not coarse in any way. Intelligent expression, with raised brow and correct muzzle. Strong forequarters with well laid back shoulder and deep brisket. Very balanced outline and flows well over the croup into his tailset. Well bent stifle with muscled quarters which he used to drive around the ring. This boy took full benefit of the big ring today. Presented in lovely rich coat and in great condition. Delighted to present him with Best Dog and RBIS.
2nd Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli. Loved this boy’s head, gently raised brow with correct eye, which draw you in. Low set ears and clean neck. Good spring of rib and well angulated and muscled hindquarters. At times was a bit over boisterous on the move, but was able to show off his qualities when settled. I did consider him for reserve best dog, but found that he carries his tail a bit too high on the move.
3rd Tom’s Ir ShCh Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Ir JCH Jd
Open Bitch (2)
1st Elkin’s Twoacres Promish Of Spring With Avacet. This bitch is simply stunning. She appealed to me as soon as she came into the ring. She is feminine and well put together. Feminine head with raised brow, dark eye and low set ears. She is so balanced with no exaggeration. Lovely lay back of shoulder and deep chest. Well bent stifle with muscled quarters and good width of thigh. She caught your eye on the move with her reach and drive. Presented in lovely coat and condition. She completely won me over today and I was delighted to award her Best Bitch out of a quality line up of bitches, and then Best in Show. I am sure she has an exciting future ahead!
2nd Danks-Kemish’s Rappatty Star Light Over Alolfrana JW Sh CM. Another nice bitch, who possess an attractive head with nice balance, dark eye and low placed ears. Lovely reach of neck, neat at shoulders and good topline. Good forechest and well angulated forequarters. Well bent stifle into neat hocks. Balanced outline and well-conditioned. In lovely coat. Moved well and covered the ground soundly.
Veteran Dog (1)
1st Tupper’s Staratlanta Elliott. 8 years old and not showing signs of aging. Masculine all through. Handsome head with nice dark eye and raised brow, showing a kind expression. Good depth to chest and well ribbed back. Well angled hind quarters. A little long in the hock which I felt prevented a full hind drive. However was able to cover the ground well with a steady gait. Presented in full coat in good condition.
Veteran Bitch (6,3a)
1st Blackshaw’s Lanstara Spring Star JW. 7 year old lady just freshly into Veteran. Lovely head with raised brow, dark eye and feminine muzzle. Nicely bodied bitch with good breadth of chest. Nice reach of neck, neatly placed at withers allowing for smooth meeting of topline at shoulders. Good bend of stifle and width of thigh. Presented in gleaming coat, just lacking a little furnishing on her tail. Moved well with lovely lashing tail! Delighted to award her Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Dale’s Aubanjon Royal Symphony. 9 year old bitch not showing her age. Feminine in head with nice lowset of ear. Good reach of neck and deep chest. Well angulated hind quarters. Nice topline and presented in good coat. Appealed on the move with ground covering strides.
3rd French’s Balintyne Just You Just Me
Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (7,4a)
1st Deighton’s Oakdene Schiehallion (IMP BEL). This gentleman is all boy. Masculine skull with kind dark eye and correct muzzle, although a little broad in the skull. Very well bodied with well-developed properties over chest. Well laid back shoulder and nice gentle sloping of his topline. Well-muscled in hindquarters. Lots of energy, but steady on the move. Just a bit more mature and bodied over 2 today.
2nd Walker’s Gwendariff’s Flags Are Flyin
3rd Corless’s Swiftlark First Knight

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