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ISBC 50th Anniversary Breed Championship Show 2022
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BIS (L) Stockton's ShCh Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW RBIS (R) Bouttell & Burbridge's Ixia Rainbow Brite
BVIS (L) Blackshaw's Lanstara Spring Star JW BPIS (R) Hall's Harreds Lillie
(L) Dog CC & BIS Stockton's ShCh Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW (R) Dog RCC Edwards's ShCh Gwendariff U'Cant Miss Me Bonhomie
(L) Bitch CC & RBIS Bouttell & Burbridge's Ixia Rainbow Brite (R) Bitch RCC Crocker's ShCh Riverbrue Gloriana
Committee 2022 (Sandy Waterton & Flo Barker Missing From Photo)
General Photographs From The Show
Show Results

Dog Judge: –Mr. Brian Ross (Autumnglow)

Bitch Judge –Mrs. Jane Mugford (Lynwood)

Referee –     Mrs. Phyllis Pollard (Grayrigge)

BIS           -Stockton’s ShCh Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW
RBIS         -Bouttell & Burbridge`s Ixia Rainbow Bright
BPIS        – Hall`s Harreds Lillie
BVIS         -Blackshaw`s Lanstara Spring Star JW
Dog CC     -Stockton’s ShCh Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW
Dog RCC   -Edwards’s ShCh Gwendariff You Can’t Miss Me Bonhomie
Bitch CC    -Bouttell & Burbridge`s Ixia Rainbow Bright
Bitch RCC  -Crocker’s ShCh Riverbrue Gloriana
BP Dog     -Bott’s Bardonhill Carry On Dick
BP Bitch    -Hall`s Harreds Lillie
BV Dog     -Edwards’s Gwendariff Ps I Love You At Bonhomie JW

BV Bitch    -Blackshaw`s Lanstara Spring Star JW

MPD (5)

1 Macaulay`s Harreds Lachlan Of Stylersetts
2 Stewart & Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Winnit

3 Wheeldon & Begg’s Sumaric Stir It Up

4 Gilbert & Willis’s Thendara Firecracker At Clanoventa

5 Walker’s Gwendariff  Ucant Touch This

PD (6)

1 Bott’s Bardonhill Carry On Dick
2 Tuite’s Porschet Out And About

3 Stewart & Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Winnit

4 Hall`s Harreds Liam

JD (5)

1 Gratton’s Glenlaine Moonstone
2 Greenan & Hopewell’s  Lochlorien No Offence Juleset
3 Corless’s Swiftlark Invincible

4 Savage & Richard’s Sixoaks A Star Is Born

YD (2)

1 Bayne’s Corranroo Celtic Storm

MD (2)

1 Greenan & Hopewell’s  Lochlorien No Offence Juleset
2 Savage & Richard’s Sixoaks A Star Is Born

ND (8,)

1 Gratton’s Glenlaine Moonstone
2 Greenan & Hopewell’s  Lochlorien No Offence Juleset

UGD (3)

1 Dufrat’s Riverbrue Cast No Shadow On Haverley
2 Corless’s Swiftlark Invincible

GD (11)

1 Brown’s Riverbrue Soldier On
2 Cohen’s Lynwood Merry May King With Shushana
3 Richardson’s Bluesprings Now I’m Here At Forestfire
4 Nicholls Strathmead Alexei
5 Walker’s Gwendariffs Flags Are Flyin

PGD (11)

1 Gratton & Bott Bardonhill Dont Stop Me Know
2 Crocker & Lewis’s Riverbrue Wonderwall At Hernwood
3 Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Tiger Dance
4 Tapper & Leyland’s Lynwood Heypresto Kedalita
5 Williamson’s Bluesprings Picture This JW

MLD (6)

1 Glastonbury’s Brabrook Nutcracker
2 Willis’s Gwendariff The Grand Master At Jacwilins
3 Gardner’s Quensha Walk Me Home To Danwish

LD (7)

1 Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique
2 Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli JW
3 Greenan’s Anlory Aidan JW

4Rorke’s Zakhan’s The Red Le Baron

5 Pawsword Paperback Writer For Corphin

OD (6)

1 Stockton’s ShCh Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW
2 Edwards ShCh Gwendariff Ucan’t Miss Me Bonhomie
3 Drinkwater’s Brabrook Whispered
4 Dewar’s ShCh Gwendariff Willy Wont He
5 Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli

VD (6)

1 Edwards’s Gwendariff PS I Love You At Bonhomie JW

2 Milligan-Bott & Bott’s ShCh Thendara Commitment JW

3 Corless’s Swiftlark First Knight

4 Mitchell’s ShCh Amblin’s Sweet William

5 Mohan’s Anlory Keltic Legend

SVD (3)

1 Rorke’s Zakhan On The Grid

2 Tuite’s ShCh Riverwood Kazatchok With Porschet JW

3 Heppell’s Deevonville Santana Sh.Cm

SBD (1)

1 Corless’s Swiftlark Invincible

MPB (5)

1 Mead & Milligan-Bott Thendara Perfect Pursuit
2 Jones’s Gwendariff Diamonds Will Do

3 Begg’s Sumaric Sweet Lit’l Mystery

PB (9)

1 Hall’s Harreds Lillie
2 Bouttell & Burbridge’s Sangarah Memorial For Ixia
3 Naylor’s Nigsett Skyfall
4 Hall’s Glennara Cherry Cola
5 Mead & Milligan-Bott Thendara Perfect Pursuit

JB (6)

1 Corless’s Swiftlark Illustrious
2 Heather’s Sixoaks My Fair Lady JW
3 Fox & Flinders Kerryfair Heart To Heart
4 Pike’s Glenlaine Pink Diamond
5 Atkin’s Lochlorien Marcella

YB (11)

1 Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight JW
2 Bott’s Bardonhill Woven In Gold
3 Bott, Allen, & Morgan’s Quensha Crimes Of Passion
4 Douthwaite & Wharfe’s Quensha Beautiful Stranger Of Gracewood
5 Shepherd’s Glenvarna Cover Girl

MB (11)

1 Bott’s Bardonhill Woven In Gold
2 Hall’s Glennara Cherry Cola
3 Pike’s Glenlaine Pink Diamond
4 Walker’s Glenvarna My Girl

5 Morgan’s Alolfrana For You So Blue Deaconara

NB (10)

1 Bott’s Bardonhill Woven In Gold
2 Hall’s Glennara Cherry Cola
3 Shepherd’s Glenvarna Cover Girl
4 Walker’s Glenvarna My Girl
5 Morgan’s Alolfrana For You So Blue Deaconara

UGB (4)

1 Bott’s Bardonhill Woven In Gold
2 Sturrock’s Forfarian Tickles Yer Fancy

3 Sloane’s Gwendariff The Purple Star

4 Corless’s Swiftlark Illustrious

GB (12)

1 Heppell’s Riverbrue Be Here Now
2 Humphreys Riverbrue Flashbax At Henaleas
3 Bayne’s Corranroo Rainbow Shimmer
4 Williamson’s Blue Springs A Kind Of Magic At Keljaru

5 Mitchell’s Strathmead Tatiana With Amblin

PGB (12)

1 Gutsell’s Riverbrue Angel Child
2 Humphreys Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas JW
3 Heather`s Six Oaks Leading Lady

4 Sharman & Jennings-Sharman’s Kerrimere Red Ribbon JW
5 Randle’s Alolfrana Lady Million At Rionore

MLB (3)

1 Edwards’s Gwendariff Its Numero Uno At Bonhomie

2 Bougen’s Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW

LB (9)

1 Bouttell & Burbridge`s Ixia Rainbow Bright
2 Elkins`s Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet
3 Frampton’s Riverbrue Cloud Burst Over Strathmead
4 Nevitt`s Aoibheannes Stay With Me
5 Bayne’s Corranroo One More Kiss

OB (4)

1 Crocker’s ShCh Riverbrue Gloriana
2 Stewart’s Gwendariff Come Fly With Me
3 Ciechonska’s ShCh Gwendariff Smart Move Back To Aoibheanne
4 Muir’s ShCh Gwendariff’s Up To Somethin

VB (6)

1 Blackshaw’s Lanstara Spring Star JW

2 Sturrock`s ShCh Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW 

SVB (0)

SBB (4)

1 Corless’s Swiftlark Illustrious

2 Shepherd’s Glenvarna Cover Girl

Judges Critique's


As President of the club I was honoured to be invited to judge dogs at the 50th Anniversary Championship Show. We were blessed with ideal weather which allowed the dogs to be judged where they show to their best – outdoors on grass. Congratulations to the Committee for all the thought and effort which they had obviously put in to make this anniversary show so special; I particularly enjoyed the photo montage of all the Best of Breed winners over the last 50 years, and I was particularly delighted to see the photo my wife Greta showing Johnny, Sh Ch Autumnglow Masquerade, winning BOB in 1994.
Having attended the very first show in 1972 and every one since it is interesting to reflect on the way certain aspects of the Irish Setter have changed over the period. I was pleased to see that in general head shape has returned to nearer the breed standard description rather than the tendency towards large and broader heavy heads which came with the boom in numbers being bred in the period following the decade of successes at Crufts. Eye shape and colour is now more consistent with far fewer harsh expressions or round and light coloured eyes. Bites are also much improved with no sign of irregular or undershot jaws which used to occur. Coats also are of good overall quality with the previously frequent appearance of too much curl being absent. On the downside I found that feet were generally very loose with splayed toes and lacking in arch and compactness, and many tails are still carried well above the topline when the dog is moving, and often not being used to advantage. In several dogs there was no sternum showing in front of the forelegs adding to the appearance of uprightness at the shoulder and breaking the flow of the topline from the neck.
I fully support the scheduling of a Special Vintage Veteran class for dogs of 10 years and over; for an active breed like Irish Setters the standard definition of 7 years seems much too young to be called veterans.
Minor Puppy Dog 5
1st . Macaulay’s Harreds Lachlan Of Stylersetts NAF, just coming up to 9 months old, good head with correct eye shape and good ear placement set into well laid shoulders, sound overall conformation and moved well once settled.
2nd . Stewart & Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Winnit, very pleasing puppy at just 6 months old and still very raw but all the right elements are there to develop into a promising adult, good head and shoulders and really good movement.
3rd . Wheeldon & Begg’s Sumaric Stir It Up
Puppy Dog 6 (2)
1st . Bott’s Bardonhill Carry On Dick, just 9 months old, very soundly constructed dog with a good head shape with clean stop and correct foreface and a strong slightly arched neck set into well laid shoulders with good firm feet, not over exaggerated and a very steady mover.
2nd. Tuite’s Porschet Out And About, 11 months old, of much lighter structure than the winner and needing time to fill out, has a lovely head and pleasing topline.
3rd . Stewart & Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Winnit
Junior Dog 5 (1)
1st. Gratton & Gratton’s Glenlaine Moonstone, well developed 17 month old who won a class of mixed quality easily, nice head, good shoulders and general structure which showed when moving with a steadily held topline and correct tail carriage and use.
2nd. Greenan & Hopewell’s Lochlorien No Offence Juleset, just into junior classification and clearly not yet as developed as the class winner, strong build reflected in his head which at present needs his body to catch up to balance his overall appearance, not quite as good in stifle and carried tail high when moving.
3rd . Corless’s Swiftlark Invincible
Yearling Dog 2 (1)
1st . Bayne’s Corranroo Celtic Storm, good head shape with good stop and expression, well laid shoulders, sound in body, at present appearing slightly long in loin but this will alter with further development, nice turn of stifle and moved well.
Maiden Dog 2
1st . Greenan & Hopewell’s Lochlorien No Offence Juleset, repeat.
2nd . Savage & Richards’s Sixoakes A Star Is Born, just did not settle so not able to get hands on, standing he appeared to be well constructed with a pleasing outline.
Novice Dog 2
1st. Gratton & Gratton’s Glenlaine Moonstone, repeat.
2nd. Greenan & Hopewell’s Lochlorien No Offence Juleset, repeat.
Undergraduate Dog 3 (1)
1st . Dufrat’s Riverbrue Cast No Shadow On Haverley, has a handsome head with correct eye shape and ear placement creating a lovely profile, strong neck let into shoulders which would be improved if just a little more lay back was evident, this also contributes to giving the appearance of being a little long in loin, excellent set in stifles and held shape very well when moving, good coat condition.
2nd . Corless’s Swiftlark Invincible, young dog still in the development stage and needing to fill out in body, at present seems to stand too tall for his structure making him appear high on legs and also straightening his stifles, this should all get better with age.
Graduate Dog 11 (5)
1st . Brown’s Riverbrue Soldier On, a nicely compact well balanced dog with a pleasing head, correct eye shape and foreface, strong neck and good ribs and loin length, correct unexaggerated stifles and moved well, coat a little off peak condition.
2nd . Cohen’s Lynwood Merry May King With Shushana, very close up to the winner who won on accuracy of movement, a well put together dog, good head shape and well laid shoulders leading into a nicely proportioned strong and correct body, good stifles.
3rd . Richardson’s Bluesprings Now I’m Here At Forestfire
Post Graduate Dog 11 (1)
1st . Gratton & Bott’s Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now, really liked this dog, head excellent and not overdone or too heavy, nice length and arch of neck into well laid shoulders, good shape and depth of body and compact loin with nice turn of stifle set on compact arched feet, held shape really well when moving. I gave him a careful second look when deciding the main awards.
2nd . Crocker & Lewis’s Riverbrue Wonderwall At Hernwood, a very smart dog with a good compact overall shape, correct pleasing head, just a little higher at the shoulder that winner which interrupted the flowing line, but very good body and stifles, he moved very smartly but with his tail carried a little too high.
3rd . Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Tiger Dance
Mid Limit Dog 6 (3)
1st . Glastonbury’s Brabrook Nutcracker JW, well proportioned and shaped head, a little upright at the shoulder which detracts from the flow of the neck and topline, but overall body construction is good with a correct slight arch over the loin, stifles appeared a little tense when first moved but relaxed to good advantage the second time and went well.
2nd . Willis’s Gwendariff The Grand Master At Jacwilins, well shaped head set on a neck which looked a little too swan like, would have liked more lay back in shoulders, ribs and body good and nicely turned stifles.
3rd . Gardner’s Quensha Walk Me Home To Danwish
Limit Dog 7 (1)
1st . Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique, a beautifully proportioned dog very well presented, typical Irish Setter head with a clear stop not overdone and good foreface without snipeyness, well muscled neck of moderate length flowing into well laid shoulders and gently sloping topline, strong loins, sound movement with correct tail carriage.
2nd . Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli JW, another very good dog, in many ways similar to the winner but slightly longer in neck which tends to break the appearance of flowing smoothly into the shoulders, very pleasing head and well constructed body and strong in stifle, moved well.
3rd . Greenan’s Anlory Aidan JW
Open Dog 6 (1)
1st . Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW, a really good example of a male Irish Setter in his prime, a beautifully proportioned head with good eye colour and shape, a clear stop with raised brows and a strong foreface without throatiness, good low ear placement falling nicely against a muscular arched neck of moderate length which is set into well laid back shoulders carried on a strong straight front, really strong body with good ribcage with plenty of depth and a strong not overlong loin, nicely bent stifles with good square hindquarters when viewed from behind, coat in good condition, well furnished and shining in the sunshine, moved very soundly and was straight front and rear and holding topline, had an air of being proud of himself and justifiably so. CC and BOB, which was quickly agreed by my fellow judge.
2nd . Edwards’s Sh Ch Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie, another very good dog who earned his place in a class of consistent high quality and at just 4 years old has time on his side, very attractive head with good eye shape and expression but not quite the accuracy in the parallels of front and rear portions when viewed in profile as displayed by the winner, good neck and shoulders and straight front but not so strong in sternum as the winner, correct body shape and length in proportion to his body size, nicely turned stifles and moved nicely maintaining his topline steady, very happy to award him Res DCC.
3rd . Drinkwater’s Brabrook Whispered
Veteran Dog 6 (1)
1st . Edwards’s Gwendariff PS I Love You At Bonhomie JW, a veteran by definition at 71/2 years old but not showing any signs of ageing, very handsome head with a pleasing expression, strong neck set into shoulders which ideally would be set back a little more to complete the overall picture, good strong body with good ribcage and flowing nicely over loins to well turned stifles, moved well.
2nd . Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Sh Ch Thendara Commitment JW, a very close decision and could have picked either dog, good head with a touch less in foreface that the winner, good strong neck and correct front, sound overall body conformation and good stifles, held his topline very well when moving.
3rd . Corless’s Swiftlark First Knight
Special Vintage Veteran 10 Years and Over Dog 6
1st . Rorke’s Zakhan On The Grid, at 101/2 years old still in good condition for showing with very little trace of ageing, nicely proportioned head and good ear placement, strong neck and excellent set of shoulders, sound body and stifles, and moved steadily, just lacking a little in coat quality on the day.
2nd . Tuite’s Sh Ch Riverwood Kazatchok With Porschet JW BEL lMP, similar in age to the class winner, attractive head with a good stop, slightly more upright at shoulder, good body shape but falling away slightly over loin and tail set, strong stifles and moved really well.
3rd . Heppell’s DeevonvilleSantana Sh CM
Special Beginners Dog 1
1st . Corless’s Swiftlark Invincible, repeat.
Many thanks to my excellent ring stewards, Cheryl Stevenson and Paddy Catling. I really appreciated the excellent job they did in keeping things running so efficiently and unobtrusively.
Brian Ross


I thoughly enjoyed judging this lovely entry today & thank my stewards Jo-Anne & David for keeping the ring in order and the committee for the invitation. It was pleasing to find many promising youngsters which bodes well for the future of our breed. Mouths were good & I noticed most had a lovely dark eye. I also notice a tendency to leave a lot of hair on the hind legs in front of the stifle on bitches with a wealth of coat, this I think makes them appear to be almost crouching. It made no difference to my decisions on the day as I judge the dogs not the presentation, in fact both the CC & Res CC were groomed like this to some extent but from the ringside & in photos I think it distracts from the overall picture. It was a pleasure to make the final decisions with my co-judge & although we needed the services of the referee on a couple of occassions I think we had a mutual respect & admiration for each of our choices.

Minor puppy ( 5,2abs)

1st Mead & Milligan-Bott’s Thendara Perfect Pursuit, headed a class of three promising baby puppies. Racy in outline with long lean head, straight front, lovely angulations to shoulders & upperarm, well turned stifles & short hocks. Is good in depth of brisket but could carry a little more body to advantage. Moved very well with plenty of drive for a youngster.

2nd Jones Gwendariff Diamonds Will do, pretty head with nice finish to muzzle, straight front with good bone & neat feet. Deep in brisket & well developed hindquarters. Needs to strengthen in topline a touch. Another who moved well.

3rd Begg’s Sumaric Sweet Lit’l Mystery

Puppy ( 9,2abs)

It was my pleasure to judge another promising class of puppies.

1st Hall’s Harreds Lillie, almost 8 months old & entered in this class by mistake but her quality & balance carried her through. Pretty well moulded head with dark eyes under lovely raised brows, giving a quizzical expression. Good strong limbs, crested neck, deep chest, strong well angulated hindquarters & short hocks. Gently sloping topline leads to good croup & well set on tail used to advantage on the move. Moved well here but was understandably tired at the end of the day & pulling away from her handler but still impressed the referee enough to win Best Puppy In Show, against a pleasing dog puppy.

2nd Boutell & Burbridge’s Sangarah Memorial For Ixia ( NAF, TAF) more rangy type with pretty head & dark eyes, excellent neck & shoulders. Straight front with ample bone, maintains a strong topline at all times, good over the croup and in tailset, correct bend of stifle & short hocks. Was a little apprehensive of me going over her rearend, I suspect a “girly” thing & it is a phase that will pass. Moved well.

3rd Naylor’s Nigsett Skyfall.

Junior ( 5,1abs)

1st Corless Swiftlark Illustrious, for ideal I would like her a little longer & leaner in head but she has lovely dark eyes under correctly raised brows. Balanced throughout with strong bone, good feet & pasterns. Has reach of neck, well laid shoulders & good rear angulation. Keeps a strong topline, good tail set & carried well. Movement strong & true. I understand today she won her final points for her Junior Warrant, Congratulations.

2nd Heather’s Sixoaks My Fair Lady, more the head I was seeking, dark expressive eyes. Excellent angulations to shoulders & hindquarters, short hocks, gently sloping topline, deep through the chest. In good coat & condition. Thought she would be my winner but although sound lacked animation today.

3rd Fox & Flinders Kerryfair Heart To Heart.

Yearling (11,3abs)

Although a good class some bitches were going through a difficult stage & lacked confidence.

1st Box Fernstart Hearts Delight JW, lovely balanced bitch with pretty well moulded head with lovely expression. Good reach of neck, excellent gently sloping topline flowed into good tailset. In good coat & condition. Well bent stifles & short hocks used to advantage on the move.

2nd Bott’s Bardonhill Woven In Gold, more substantial but scopy in type which appealed. Beautiful head & expression. Good bone carried through to her pasterns. Good reach of neck flowed into correctly laid shoulders & strong topline. Free active movement with excellent slashing tail. Could lose a little weight to advantage. Entered in three more classes where she just got better & better, a star for the future I think.

3rd Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Crimes Of Passion.

Maiden ( 11,4 abs)

1st B. Woven In Gold.

2nd Hall’s Glennara Cherry Cola, only a puppy & understandably needing more time to fill out her rangy frame. Pretty head & expression, long & lean with a nice amount of work. Straight front, strong rearend with well turned stifles & short hocks. Good coat coming through. Moved freely.

3rd Pike’s Glenlaine Pink Diamond.

Novice ( 10,2abs)

1st B. Woven In Gold.

2nd G Cherry Cola.

3rd Shepherd’s Glenvarna Cover Girl.

Undergrad ( 4)

1st B. Woven In Gold.

2nd Sturrock’s Forfarian Tickles Yer Fancy, pretty head with dark expressive eyes. Good straight front, pasterns & feet. Excellent reach of neck, well laid back shoulders & good return of upperarm. Well constructed rear quarters. Flowing topline leading to good tailset. By this time the drums had started which unsettled her & she was a little unsure of herself on the stand & carried her tail a bit low at times but recovered well with sympathetic handling.

3rd Sloane’s Gwendariff The Purple Star.

Grad ( 12,2abs)

1st Heppell’s Riverbrue Be Here Now, lovely mature bitch with a lean head & dark eyes. Straight front with good amount of bone. Excels in both shoulder & rear angulation, good short hocks which made her an excellent mover. Well set on tail carried correctly & lovely coat.

2nd Humphreys Riverbrue Flashbax At Henaleas, litter sister & very similar remarks apply, excellent front, shoulders well laid back, good return of upperarm, stifles well bent & short hocks. A little heavier in head than her sister but still attractive. Excellent coat. Moved well, tail set on okay but preferred the carriage of 1st.

3rd Bayne’s Corranroo Rainbow Shimmer.

Post Grad. (16, 1abs)

1st Gutsell’s Riverbrue Angel Child, have watched this one before & thought she was the Cinderella of this highly successful litter. Appeals greatly for type but coat needs attention & trimming, especially her feet, I was told after she hates it but if she is to fulfil her potential it must be tackled. Has a beautiful head with dark eyes under raised brows. Strong bone, excellent reach of neck, well laid shoulders & return of upperarm, well constructed & muscled rear quarters. Flowing topline, good tail set. Moves on a free long stride with good use of her tail.

2nd Humphreys Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas (AI) JW, on first glance around the ring I thought she would be my winner, so very unlucky to be so unsettled by the drums. She did regain her confidence a little but not enough to match the movement of 1st. She is a pretty bitch with lovely expression, well boned & neat feet, good reach of neck, correctly angulated fore & rear quarters, deep in brisket. Gently sloping topline leads to well set tail. Coat in good order.

3rd Heather’s Sixoaks Leading Lady.

Mid Limit (3,1abs)

1st Edwards Gwendariff Its Numero Uno At Bonhomie, pretty head with good square finish to muzzle, dark eyes & pleasing expression, low set ears. Excellent reach of neck, lay back of shoulders, strong topline, well angulated rear quarters & good tail set. Lovely well conditioned coat. Excellent on the move.

2nd Bougen’s Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW, another pretty bitch, slightly longer & leaner in head, dark eyes, lovely expression, low set ears. Well constructed, although moved well couldn’t quite match the winner on the day.

Limit (9)

At lunch I was a little concerned that up until now I had found very worthy class winners but nothing that was ready for the ticket, I need not to have worried as this class & the next were outstanding.

1st Bouttell & Burbridge’s Ixia Rainbow Brite TAF, beautiful head with dark eyes & wistful expression. Feminine throughout without lacking substance. Straight front, neat feet, correct reach of neck, lovely shoulders & upperarm, gently sloping topline, well angulated hindquarters with short hocks. Lovely short well set on tail used on the move. glorious dark shiny coat. Sailed around the ring on a free stride. I wrote in my notes “perfection” and today she pulled out all the stops to win the bitch CC.

2nd Elkins Twoacres Promise Of Spring with Avacet, beautiful long lean head with kind expression. Straight front, neat feet, excellent shoulders & upperarm, firm topline, strong hindquarters. Not a flashy bitch but well put together with no exaggeration. Coat in good order. Moved soundly but lacked the enthusiasm of the winner.

3rd Frampton & Piggin’s Riverbrue Cloudburst Over Strathmead.

Open (4)

All 4 are now very worthy title holders & very little separated them.

1st Crocker’s Riverbrue Gloriana, beautiful lean head with dark eyes & a sweet expression. Excellent bone, neat feet, long arched neck, superb shoulder & upperarm construction, firm topline & good croup, strong hindquarters. In wonderful coat & condition. Very stylish mover. Certainly a very impressive bitch but just preferred the more moderate picture of the ticket winner. Reserve CC.

2nd Stewart’s Gwendariff Come Fly With Me, beautiful head & expression, lovely low set ears, deep in brisket, flowing topline with good tail set. Strong well made hindquarters. Has a lovely style about her & beautifully presented. Today couldn’t quite match Gloriana on the move.

3rd Ciechonska’s Sh Ch Gwendariff Smart Move Back to Aoibheanne.

Veteran (6,3abs)

Again I liked all 3 & it was all “on the day”

1st Blackshaw’s Lanstara Spring Star JW, lovely well moulded head with soft expression, pleased in bone, feet, arched neck, shoulder & upperarm angulation & hindquarters. Good firm topline but a bit rounded over the croup to tailset. In lovely coat & condition. Happy & very sound on the move with superb tail action. Best Veteran In show on referees decision.

2nd Sturrocks Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW, very feminine bitch that I like very much but she lacked a bit of coat & condition today. Well made throughout with good forehand, neat feet, good reach of neck, well bent stifles & short hocks. Moved well with drive.

3rd Kassube & French’s Balintyne Just You Just Me By Cararua.

Sp Beginners (4,2abs)

1st S Illustrious,

2nd G. Cover Girl, a little strong in skull but dark eyes & low set ears. Good bone, neat feet, well arched neck, good tailset , well turned stifles & short hocks. Lovely coat. Moved well.

Jane Mugford (judge)

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