Irish Setter Breeders Club

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AGM 2020 and 2021

March 2021

Dear Members

Annual General Meeting 2020 & 2021- To be held 1st May 2021.

Due to the current COVID restrictions and following the KC’s recent guidance, the Committee have taken the decision to hold our delayed 2020 AGM via Zoom at 2:00pm on the 1st May 2021. This will be followed by the AGM for 2021 at 3:00pm. Please see the relevant AGM pack.

The holding of the two AGM on the same day makes their running a little more complex. 

  1. Those that were members in 2020 and renewed their 2021 membership by 1st of March 2021, are entitled to attend both AGMs.
  1. Those that were members 2020 and did not renew by 1st March 2021, are only entitled to attend the 2020 AGM.
  1. Those new members that have joined since 1st January 2021 you are entitled to only attend the 2021 AGM.

We are following the Kennel Club’s guidance and only routine matters will be conducted at these meetings.

If you wish to attend either or both AGM’s, you will need to register first with the Secretary no later than the 17th April 2021 by email to and of course must have access to the internet on the day. The code, password and operational instructions for the meeting/s will be forwarded by email after registration.

Questions for the AGMs must be submitted to the Secretary by 17th April 2021, and if you do not have access to the internet please submit them in writing. Please note that only questions submitted by this date will be discussed on the day.

Yours sincerely

Diane McDonald

Diane McDonald
Hon Secretary

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